Friday, June 08, 2007

Bunk Beds

Hooray!! We got them all set up on Memorial weekend and the girls LOVE them! I'm really glad that they are working out. I was kicking myself as I put away the crib. I don't know what my hurry was. Kes has never attempted to climb out of her crib and she sleeps fabulously. I think I just get something in my head and if were gonna do it then I'd rather do it sooner than later. Anyway - Anika loves her top bunk and talks about it ALL the time. Keslie is happy to be on the bottom. I usually go in to check on them before I go to bed and the last few nights I've found toys ALL over the room and on Keslie's bed and books everywhere and then Keslie asleep in the middle of it. It's pretty cute. Here are a couple pictures - I took one of them at night and it's a little dark and fuzzy and then the one I took this morning I couldn't get Kes to sit in on. Please note their super cute comforters that I found a few weeks ago at a tag sale for $5!! Now I just need to make some curtains to go with them and do something with the walls. =)


Alyssa said...

Those bunk beds are so flipping cute. How is Keslie sleeping on it and not being in her crib? I am so nervous to put Brayton on a big boy bed!!! What do I do? But I miss you and wish we could come visit you also. boohoo!!!! love you

Alyssa said...

hey that comment above is from me brittney but i am on my sister in laws computer so it put her name on it. sorry just letting you know it was me haha sorry!