Monday, December 17, 2007

I tried to be brave.

This picture actually makes this stuff look GOOD. It smelled HORRIBLE and as I poured it into the bowls I actually GAGGED! Anika came in and said "I don't want to eat that!". This is the point where I attempted bravery. I smiled big and said that it would be so DELICIOUS and WARM and that I would put LOTS of sugar in it. I tried a bit and I don't remember if it was as horrible as I'm making it out to be but I gagged again and put it all in the sink!! WHEATENA is banned from our house!! I need to go out and buy some more of my Vermont Morning. Now, that stuff is good!! I guess we'll just eat Chex Muddy Buddies for breakfast! That's cereal, right??

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Top 10

Top 10 things I'm BEYOND excited for this Christmas!!!

1. Being with Nathan's family!! I feel so excited for this year. Mabye I've built it up in my mind (just a little) but I am having visions of all of us West women baking in he kitchen and laughing until one of us wets our pants (it really is a toss up who it will be!!) or the kids acting out the Christmas story, singing Christmas carols, playing games. I just feel like this year is going to be FABULOUS. It's going to be so great to all be together before everybody scatters across the globe. I love my West family.

2. Seeing my 2 little sisters and their cute families!!

3. FINALLY getting to meet Raylee and kiss her cute cheeks!!

4. Going on the traditional double date (or 2!!) with the Soters and laughing our heads off. Who will say the first "inappropriate" thing? It used to be me HANDS DOWN but Steve has been giving me a run for my money. =) We LOVE LOVE LOVE those Soters. Someday it will be as it should be my M&M!! Next door neighbors, married children (to each other, of course!!), and our old reclusive lifestyle. Haha!!

5. The cousin playgroup and visiting the Kivett and Theabold families. I miss them.

6. A temple close by!! Hooray!!

7. Warmer weather!!

8. Mexican food!

9. Finally getting to see Enchanted. It's a miracle I've held out.

10. Getting to watch my girls enjoy Christmas. They are at such a fun age.

10 things I'm NOT looking forward to:

1. The flight. Will it crash or will it land safely??? Will I throw up or hold it in??

2. The stress of trying to do SO much but just wanting to relax and be with Nathan's family.

3. Not getting my Dad's stockings filled with FABULOUS random stuff. Maybe Nathan will surprise me with this. HINT HINT. =)

4. That leads into not getting to see my family at all. This will be my first Christmas to not see them.

5. The girls not being there angel, wonderful, cute selves. It seems like every time we go on vacation the girls go into whiny, grumpy, make me look like I'm not a good mom phase. I just want people to see them how they always are! Adorable little chatter boxes.

6. The desert

7. Missing mom.

8. Saying good-bye and coming home. Time goes WAY too fast when we are there.

Okay, so top 8. Really there isn't much I'm NOT looking forward to!! AZ here we come!! 6 days and counting!


I read this article posted on MSN today. Of course it freaked me out. You can't talk about the Avian flu and not get me a little paranoid. However, I though the article was very good and reinforced the importance of being vaccinated. Check it out!

Why a flu shot just might save your life

Monday, December 10, 2007


Well. My BABY is 4 today!! It is so amazing how fast time goes by once you have kids. I feel like we were just bringing her home from the hospital. Anika has been a joy from day one. She was a sweet baby and now she's a sweet little/big girl. I get choked up just thinking about her and trying to decide what I'd like to write. I remember when I was a brand new beehive at church and they were doing New Beginnings and my mom had to come up to the front with me and talk about me. Of course she bawled and I was SO embarrassed! I didn't understand why she always cried over me. Now I understand. My girls can bring on the tears faster than anything! Anika has such a sweet, bubbly personality when she is with people that make her feel comfortable. She is already being labeled as "shy" at school and my tender mother heart worries so much about her! I want people to know the real Anika. There is nobody as sweet and fun as her. She has LOVED going to preschool this year. I think it's been really good for her to participate in group settings without me. We love her so much. She is the best when you need cheering up or a big hug. She loves to help in the kitchen - especially if it involves peanut butter and jelly! She has an amazing imagination! She is still totally into art stuff. She loves to sing and dance and play with dolls (all those girly things!). We can't imagine life without her!

She had a really fun day today! Her magical pony party went really well! She will probably be talking about it until her next party! She had a really cute group of friends over and they had a ball! She is in HEAVEN with her new toys. She wanted to sleep with ALL of them in her new sleeping bag. Good grief!! Tonight we all went to Mickey D's for dinner and that was fun! She even got a kid's meal and that NEVER happens! We are the lamest parents. Dollar menu ALL THE WAY! Today was special though. Anyway - I am SO tired! Here is a picture of the group from the party! I'll post the rest later. And Jenni - where is Nathan?!! I can't believe he's not in the picture!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Cutest Love Handles I've Ever Seen!!

We attempted the whole potty training thing on Saturday. Mostly because the new diapers were outside in the car and we didn't want to go get them. =) She looked awfully cute but after 2 accidents and no successes we decided that she isn't quite ready yet. =) On went the diaper.

I was so excited when I woke up and saw that everything was FROZEN today! This happened one time in Rexburg and it was BREATHTAKING. It seemed like diamonds were hanging from the trees. Unfortunately, the sun hasn't been out today so there isn't quite the same effect but I still love the it! Look how cool it looks!!

Here are a couple pictures of the girls jumping in the leaves!

This past weekend I got to go see WICKED with my friend Suzanne! IT WAS AWESOME!! She won the tickets in a lottery so we got $100 seats in the front for only $25!! Can you believe it??! We had a blast and I absolutely LOVED the show!

Happy Monday everybody!!