Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ode to Connecticut

Awhile back I was at Walmart picking up some groceries. While I was loading them into the trunk there was a nice breeze and it felt SO like Connecticut for a minute. I closed my eyes and I could almost pretend that I was loading my groceries in the Shaw's parking lot. Sometimes I wish that I hadn't loved Connecticut so much. For me it was home as soon as we went there. I love the trees and the color and the seasons. I love that there is SO much to do and see. I miss the camping and the traveling. I miss the splash pads and the parks. I miss picking blueberries and apples. I miss Hilda and Saul. My heart aches when I think about it because I know we will never move back. How do you come to terms with settling in a place you don't love for the rest of your life? I guess people do it all the time. We've been talking about where Nathan will be applying for jobs and it's sort of freaking me out! The thought of things becoming permanent is scary! We won't be able to pick up and move after a couple years because Nathan graduates or something. I guess we'll end up where we are supposed to be and hopefully it's a place we can love as much as we loved Connecticut.! The thing about our CT and TX adventures I'm the most grateful for is the people we've met. There really are so many wonderful people in the world and I'm so happy that I've gotten to meet so many of them! I've realized that as long as you have friends any place can become home. =)

And because every post needs a picture here is one of Brenan and his little girlfriend Peyton.

Monday, July 12, 2010


We'll do anything for a free meal. =) Chick-Fil-A had it's annual "dress like a cow and get a free meal" day last Friday so I took the kids on a date! It was AWESOME! The kids each got their own kid's meal and I was able to choose from any meal on the menu. $19 worth of food for free! Not bad!! I was nervous that it was going to be super crowded but there was hardly anyone there and the employees didn't say a word about our cow get-ups. I sort of wanted a little bit of recognition! I was expecting to be met with clapping and a lot of mooing. =) Oh well. After dinner we went and saw HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON at the dollar theater. My kids were good little substitutes for my husband on date night. =) He was in AZ visiting the family. We are happy to have him home! Happy Monday!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Late Night at Mickey D's.

I'm sorry girls - these are too classic not to post. =) I was laughing so hard my switch almost flipped - I don't know if Heather and Ashley are ready for that yet so I was able to keep control. =) I don't know if anyone is ever really ready for that. =) I'm so glad Ashley had a birthday and that she let us hang out with her - even though it was two weeks later!

Here's the birthday girl (she's a trooper for letting me post this!). She made this face because she was so LIVID that we didn't end up dancing after the movie. Haha - actually, I think they were both relieved when I forgot!
I wonder if any local modeling agencies are hiring because we are HOT STUFF!! Which one is your favorite? I LOVE Heather and Ashley in the 3rd on down.

I'm really grateful to have such good friends. =)

4th of July!!!

We had SUCH a great weekend!!

On Saturday morning we woke up early and headed over to the ward breakfast. We had so much fun! I even managed to talk some other girls into playing red rover. I hadn't played it since I was a kid! Right after breakfast we went to watch the Leon Valley parade. It's a great little parade - not too long and lot's of candy! Nathan was humiliated by my Xena warrior cry but I don't regret it. =) Brenan was the only one that didn't seem to enjoy himself (as evidenced by all the pictures!).

Picking up the loot:

Some of our parade watching buddies:

Ashley, Kevin, and Kimball ( Such a cute picture!!)
Anika, Keslie, Brenan, Hallie, and Peyton
I like this one of Nathan because he looks like he's singing a song or just being super jolly!
After the parade we went home and took naps and then headed over to Heather and Aaron's for some 4th of July grub! Here are the pictures from that:

Anika, Keslie, and Landon

Me and Sandy
Me and Meg
Me and Jordan
Heather, me, Ashley
Traditional pose with all the girls! Aaron got a group shot with their fancy camera so I'll have to get a copy of that one. =)
On Sunday night we went with some other families in the ward to watch the fireworks at Woodlawn park. It was awesome! We were right under them! Anika thought they were amazing and whipped out her camera to video tape them. So cute!

Me and Kes

Derrick, Kelli, and me
Anika, Avarie, and Kes
Aubrey, Bradley, Bretta, and Bro. W. =)
Happy late 4th of July everyone! I love our country and am so proud to be an American! =)

Gardening Adventures!

I planted a square foot garden back in March and was SO excited about it! I had been wanting to try it for a couple years. Everything sprouted and I thought things were going good. But then it just stopped growing. I went to Brooke's house and saw her garden that she had planted a couple weeks after mine. It was AMAZING. HUGE plants and beautiful vegetables! That's when I knew mine had failed. I pretty much quit watering it and didn't plant anything new. My tomato plant is a pleaser though and provided me with one delicious tomato. =) One day we looked out the window and there it was. =) I cut it up and ate it on my taco. Yum! =) I don't think I will try to do another one until we are in our own house and have a little more money!

Here is my garden pre-death:

My random tomato:

Kindergarten Graduate!

Breaking the WELCOME TO SUMMER banner!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - time is FLYING by! Anika is going to be in first grade. WEIRD!! She loved Kindergarten and she loved her teacher. I was the mom in charge of the Kinder Splash day and it was super fun to watch the kids celebrate the end of the year! Anika has come out of her shell so much since starting school. I'm hoping that being in Pre-K helps Kes to overcome her shyness. =)

Here she is with her Kindergarten teacher. She was so great!

We've started doing a journal thing every Sunday and on the first day we had a bunch of basic questions for the girls to answer. Here are my favorite responses:

Do I like my name? Why?
Yes because it has two A.s.

What is my favorite color? Why?
Blue and pink because pink is prity and blue is cool.

Something cool about me:
I play.

That is definitely something cool about her! She and Kes play for HOURS and have them most amazing imaginations. I love the "stories" they come up with. They incorporate just about every toy in their room and make HUGE messes! Sometimes I get frustrated about the mess but it's hard to stay mad when they are having so much fun and just being kids!

A few things about Anika:

*She is an amazing reader. I'm so glad she loves to read!!
* She does not like milk. I can't wrap my head around it.
*She is very good with little kids and can play with just about anyone no matter their age.
*She tries to use big words and it's hilarious when it doesn't fit into the sentence! I wish I could remember the one she used yesterday!
* She loves to draw.
* Her favorite song is Baby are you down down down down down (that's how she says it when she asks me to play it for her).
* She loves to swim.

We are very proud of her. I'm so glad she's our firstborn. She is going to be (already is!!) such a great help to me and such a good example to the younger kids. <--- I know, so cliche. =)