Wednesday, April 06, 2011

So What. I'm Still a Rock Star!

I have something to add to my last post. =) Today after school the girls were talking to me about their bus ride home. They told me that a couple of their friends kissed a Justin "Beaver" doll and a picture of him in a magazine and it was SOOOO funny! They told me that a lot of people love rock stars and asked who my favorite rock star is. Keslie then announced that her favorite rock star is: "mom because she sings alllllllllllll the time!" Thank you Keslie. Maybe it's because she's 5 so she's not embarrassed of her old mama yet. All I have to do is hold my cell phone up as a microphone and she is laughing like a maniac. =) By the way, Keslie singing "Baby, Baby, Baby, ohhhhh" is hilarious. Especially since I've never had it on for her to learn! She must hear it at school. =) I've got a Justin Bieber fan in the making over here.


Oh, Homer. I feel your pain.

I know just what is going through his head:
'Have I really only been running for TWO minutes?!'

I'm not a runner. I've never wanted to be a runner. Ever. But today I went for a little run! And when I say RUN I mean Ruuuu-jog/walk. Hahaha! I needed fresh air and some upbeat music and thought I could at least handle 3 miles. Not so much. I ended up in my living room after 1.5 miles thinking KILL ME NOW. Is it me or is it WAY harder to run for reals vs. running on a machine? Is it normal that my gums hurt after I run?! Why can't I be one of those people that love to exercise and love to eat healthy? Or at least one of the two! =) Anyway, I was grateful for my music - it kept me moving! But I wish I had been dancing to it in my living room rather than mindlessly running up the street! You know what I've discovered? I used to think I had absolutely no rhythm but I DO! I've got the rhythm but maybe not the cool moves to go with it. I took Anika on a little date last night and Usher came on and she actually hid under the seatbelt because she was embarrassed of me and my dancing. Thanks Anika. Thanks a lot. =)

Anyway - totally random post. Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Brenan's BIG Big Boy Bed

Brenan thinks he's a big boy. =) He likes to put on his shoes and wander around out back in his diaper. I admit it - we can be pretty ghetto around here! His new thing is climbing our fence and talking to the neighbors OR climbing through the fence slats and wandering around in the neighbor's backyard. It's particularly awesome when he does that - especially if he's just in his diaper! =)

We decided it was high time Brenan graduated from his crib. After all, if he can climb over a fence he can probably climb out of his crib! He hasn't tried yet but I have caught him in the middle of some seriously cool acrobatic moves while playing in his crib. We've been perusing Ana White's website for months and getting SO excited about all the furniture we are going to build! We decided to start with a bed for Brenan and we are quite proud of the end product! It was definitely a joint effort.

First, I bought all the wood and then Nathan cut it using our handy radial arm saw!

Then I sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded. I am SO glad we invested in a sander back when we did our table!! Note to self: move things away from the sanding area because EVERYTHING will be covered in sawdust!!
Nathan did most of the hammering and screwing and drilling but I was there to hold things in place for him. =) Here are the beginnings of our head board and foot board.
Almost done! We just need to paint. I have a love/hate relationship with paint. =)
I did all the painting because Nathan has a hate/hate relationship with painting. Haha! I did 1 layer of primer and 3 layers of the blue. It was humid so I don't think the paint was drying very fast. I may have painted over not quite dry paint. Oh well. Also, I think next time I will figure out a way to do it indoors. Little bugs kept getting stuck in the paint and bird mosquitos were attacking me and june bugs were dive bombing me. It's lucky I didn't knock over the bed! I don't react very well when bugs fly at me!

We have a couple moves coming up so we wanted the bed to be easy to take apart. We bought some handy hardware from and it worked like a dream!
When we set it up it seemed HUGE!! It's quite the jump from a crib to a twin sized bed!

He loves his "blue bed". At night he goes to bed in it just as easily as he did when we put him in his crib.

Naptime was not so successful! He played for a couple hours and then fell asleep next to the kitchen.
I broke out the pack n' play and he went right back to his 3 hour naps. What a sleepy head! So, what do you think of our first project?! Next we are making the girl's bunk beds. It will be similar to Brenan's bed except we are going to put an arch on the headboards and footboards and use 2X4's instead of 4X4 posts. I already have the wood sitting in the garage. I love feeling like we can build anything we want!