Friday, February 27, 2009

Boys Like Balls.

I should have known!! Brenan has been on the verge of laughter for awhile now but I guess he wanted to wait for something to really hit his funny bone. Well, tonight we were throwing around this little ball and he thought it was hilarious!! What is it with boys and balls??!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lotsa Shtuff!


We had a pretty fab V-day! We thought that we had left our camera at church last week so that is why I never got around to posting! We found it in our church bag today. I'm not sure why we never thought to check there! A little too obvious?? Anyway - now I've got our Valentine pictures so I can post. I was determined to make sugar cookies with the girls this year and then deliver them to friends. I'm proud to say that we made them! Not so proud of the fact that they never made it past our kitchen and most of them ended up in my belly. Oh well. The girls had SO much fun decorating and playing with the dough! Maybe next year we will actually make the deliveries

I really wanted to make the girls a special V-day present. I decided to make them cute, little tutus!I'll be honest, the result was a little disastrous! They were way too poofy and the static cling was INSANE! They stuck to the girls like velcro!
I don't think they are going to get used much so I'm a little bummed that I wasted the time to make them. Oh well! The girls also got a love note and chocolates from Daddy and a letter and some kisses from their fairy friends. Those little mailboxes were so fun to decorate and I didn't even get very fancy with mine. I've seen some REALLY cute ones on other blogs.

I know. They don't even look like tutus. Just big blobs of tulle!
Brenan got a chocolate too...

Here is one of all of us! Pretty fancy!!

We went and got some tasty Mexican food for dinner and then went to The Children's Place and bought the kids their Easter/wedding outfits. I'm in LOVE with the girls dresses!!

Nathan is so close to being done! He has his last big test this Friday and then he just needs to focus on wrapping up a few of the required dental procedures before he graduates. His graduation is on May 17th just in case you were interested in coming!
We are planning on hopping in the car the day after and heading toward San Antonio! Here are a couple cute ones of him and Kes:
Right before bed is their favorite time to be with him because he usually swings them around in crazy ways and does horsey rides and throws them all over the place. They can't get enough of it! Sometimes I have to look away because I'm worried they are going to break something but at least they are having fun with their daddy! Nathan has fun with Brenan too! He is usually the one to bathe him at night and tonight after his bath Nathan brought him to show me his new hairdo. Check it out:
Look how long he is! He's solid and squishy all at the same time! I can't wait to see how much he weighs on the 6th. He is already in 6-12 month clothes! He's been waking up in the night and talking and talking and talking - last night I finally got up to give him his pacifier just so that he'd be quiet. It was awfully cute.Here are the best friends!

The other night Nathan was looking over an implant textbook and Anika came over and sat next to him, saw the picture and said the cutest thing.
"OoOH!! That's a GOOEY, BLOODY project!!"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bunny Sick

We found out that Anika is very allergic to bunnies! Yesterday at playgroup she was sneezing like crazy and then as we were leaving she stopped to feed the bunny. That's when her eyes started to get red and watery. By the time were in the car her eye had tons of little mosquito bite looking bumps all around it!! She was miserable!! In the car she told me that she still liked bunnies because they are really cute and soft. A few minutes later when we were upstairs in the kitches and she could barely keep her eye open she said "I don't like bunnies anymore!! I just like penguins. Penguins are my favorite cause they don't make me sick." I don't think a penguin would enjoy living in Texas though! =) I tried to get a picture of all her bumps and they just aren't showing up in the pictures!! Oh well. Here is my "bunny sick" little girl!!

The bumps are gone today but her eye is still super puffy!

Brenan is sleeping the entire night!! 7 pm - 7Am!! He's such a sweet little guy!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why Mr. Groundhog??? WHY?!!

He just had to see his shadow. Has he ever NOT seen his shadow?? I wish it could be spring RIGHT NOW. I want to enjoy these last 4 months of my time in CT! As it is, I am LONGING to leave. I'm so stir crazy and tired of being in my house. I actually started packing last week. I got through 6 boxes before I decided it would be better to wait awhile. We've all been sick so it's not even like I can take the kids to a museum or playgroup or the library. Oh well. At least I have awesome kids! I think I'm the only one that has cabin fever. The girls are happy as can be to putz around playing together all day! Alright - I'm done whining!

Anika decided to play photographer the other day. I think every one of her toys has been photographed! She did stop to take a couple pictures of Bren, Kes, and herself. Since I haven't taken ANY pictures lately, I'll use the ones that she took!

Brenan has a ton of nicknames - most of them given by Keslie. I wanted to get them all down before I forget them!

Brennie boy
Bren Bren
Nennie boy

Okay - now I'm blanking. I'll have to write them down as Keslie makes them up. She is queen of nicknames!

Happy February!!