Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I want my hair to smell good...

The last couple of nights Nathan's hair has smelled amazing. He swears it's just his Head and Shoulders shampoo. Well, I can't seem to find anything that makes my hair smell good like that. Or at least any smell that ever hits Nathan's spot. So, this morning I gave his shampoo a shot. It's a 2in1. NOT FOR ME. I had so many tangles and rats! AND - it did not have that lovely tropical smell that Nathan's hair had. SHEESH!! So - what makes your hair smell good? Give a girl some advice here...

If all goes according to plan I will be devouring a cone full of Ben and Jerry's ice cream this afternoon. Thank you Ben. Thank you Jerry. IT'S FREE CONE DAY!! I'm so excited that I dreamed about it last night. I'm reading Interview With a Vampire right now so my dreams were full of vampires and ice-cream. It was the weirdest thing. I was a vampire (I think) but still just a regular high school student and I went to the mall and Melissa Washer (a girl I went to Elementary school with - random, I know!) came up to me and was very angry that I hadn't given her her Sonic coupon yet. Then I was with my friend Renee ( we were looking for a Ben and Jerry's) and we ran into an old boyfriend and he wanted to show us his new car and it was a really WEIRD Mustang. Then we drove to Granny and Papa's house and ate our ice cream. Anyway - it was a really awesome dream as I'm sure you can tell. Haha! Dreams never sound cool when you are trying to tell someone about them. Anyway, go get your free ice cream!! If you don't want any ice cream I will go with you and wait outside and you can go in and get some anyway and then give it to me. One scoop really isn't enough...

I'm having a bit of a relapse this week. It all started on Sunday. I'm pretty sure my shot wore off. For some reason I wasn't giving credit to the shot for feeling better so at my last Dr. appt. I said that I would prefer to not get another shot and just take vitamin B6 pills instead. Well - I never went and got them and now I wish I had started taking them a week ago when I was feeling good OR better yet just gotten another shot! So, I'm back to the being sick all day and throwing up. It gets really bad at lunch time and lasts through the rest of the day. I've taken 2 of the vitamins so hopefully it kicks in soon!!

Keslie and I are just hanging out while Anika is at school. It's been a really rainy week so at least I don't have to feel guilty about not taking them out to play! Everything looks extra green when it rains. I love it! Anyway, Kes is SO funny. She did everything I said to do -


Tongue in nose!! She tried!

Kissy face!

Scary face!

Keslie likes to call me MUDDER. Especially when she's asking me for something.
"Please can I have some fruit snacks mudder?". My girls hit my spot so much.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Just Bein' Happy!

I figured you were all tired of looking at the lovely picture of me and the oven so I had better post something! =) Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures! SOON though!! I promise!!

This week I have been REVELING in the beauty of SPRING and all the color and wonder that comes along with it! I feel like it's woken me up on the inside and I'm bursting at the seams with plans and ideas and projects!! I'm just happy to feel motivated again. I am almost 11 weeks pregnant and I am feeling great now (for the most part). I still get kinda yucky at night but at least we can party during the day!! I think I neglected my girls and my house for a full month. Anika and Keslie seemed fine - they've got each other. =) There is something about being able to open the windows and let fresh air in the house! The girls are having a blast picking dandelions and I get a new bouquet of them every day. We live in such a GLORIOUS, BEAUTIFUL world!!

I have also been reveling in my girls and in being a mom. This past week I feel like there have been so many moments that I want to box up for my future self so that I NEVER forget. It's just little things -

This morning around 6:30 AM I heard Keslie come pitterin' into my room and I made up my mind to ignore her and maybe she would just go away. At first she came and stood next to my bed on the side my back was facing and then she walked around to where my face was. I felt her climb up on the bed (still ignoring her at this point!!) and I felt her breathing on my face - she was that close! And then she was Eskimo kissing my nose and my cheek and giving me lovely, wet lip kisses. It was the sweetest wake up ever!!

Yesterday when we dropped Anika off I gave her a quick squeeze good-bye and watched her start walking to the door and then turned around to find Keslie. All the sudden I felt her (Anika) throw her arms around my legs and squeeze super hard and then she just took off to her class. I just stood there loving that moment.

Those are a couple examples. I am just so grateful for my girlies. I love the ages that they are at and I'm enjoying this time in my life so much. I was thinking about being a mom today. It really is such a roller coaster. Some weeks I feel like the best mom ever and then the next week I'll feel like a failure and a loser. I know our standard answer is always "You're awesome and you're doing the best you can and you shouldn't get down on yourself!!". I have to say that as much as I hate feeling crappy - I'm glad when I feel that way because it usually motivates me to be better. It helps me take a look at things and realize that maybe I'm not doing the best I can and I need to step it up a notch. It's just so fun to be such a big part in helping these sweet kids create fun, happy memories!

SO - I am SUPER pumped up about gardening and canning and dehydrating and food storage!! I'm going to try the SQUARE FOOT GARDEN this year and I've also planted strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries (in pots). Cool, huh?

Now, a word about a couple TV shows. I was SO excited for the new episode of LOST last night! I wish I could figure out if Ben is good or bad or what! I'm totally peeved about the way American Idol is going. I know that some of you are big Brooke fans - but let's face it - she should have been gone a few weeks ago! I was SURE the bottom two were going to be Brooke and Jason and I was a little upset when it was Carly and Syesha because they both blow Brooke and Jason out of the water. I've decided that I want to try out for American Idol. I practice every day in the shower and I think I have a fighting chance! =) Nathan says "NO BRITTANIE!! You'd be put on the blooper reel!!". =) The other day the girls pulled out the DVD with some music videos my sisters and I made. Of course I had to watch. It solidified my resolve to try out. Yes, I'm THAT good!

For your viewing pleasure I have a clip of said music video. Forgive me Brittney!

And YES - I did just waste my valuable time recording this off of my TV. Recording the TV with your camera makes a really LOW quality video. Sorry.
NO - we do not have a flat screen.
No - I could not have worn my overalls any lower.
Yes - that is a T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
No - we did not have a choreographer. Those moves are ours and ours alone. =)
Yes - there is more where these came from. Even better! Unfortunately they reside in Idaho. My personal favorite is NSYNC - Tearin' up my heart.

This is dedicated to my sweet husband because I know how much he loves our music videos and I know that he won't be embarrassed of me AT all. =)


Paula - First of all, you look beautiful!! You can do anything you put your mind to. Your voices are flawless and you will go very far in this business. I love you. America loves you!
Simon - That was very sexy! A couple parts of the song were awkward for me and felt more like music videos made in your living room but the song choice was brilliant and you'll sail through to the next round!

For the record, I love Simon.

And that, my friends, is talent at it's finest. Have a WONDERFUL SPRING DAY!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Because my house is very, very cold and no heat should be wasted.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


My stomach feels like it's on fire all the time so I think that's why I crave COLD things. This week has been a million times better than last week!! I think that shot might have helped!

It was such a fun week! We've enjoyed really pleasant, sunny days and the girls and I spent hours at the park with friends! We even got sunburns! I tell you what - I much prefer being outside than being in my house. There are smells galore when I'm indoors and it doesn't help much with my nausea!

Last night Nathan I went out to dinner with some of his classmates and their wives! It was really fun! We got Indian food and it was SO tasty! It was great getting to know everyone better. I hope we do it again really soon. I wish I'd gotten a picture of all of us! Oh well...

Well - I'm off to enjoy the day - I love springtime in CT!!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Questions and Answers.

Questions I've been hearing A LOT over the past year and a half:

"When are you Nathan going to have another baby?"
"Are you trying?" (My personal favorite.)
"Are you pregnant?"
"It's about time, don't you think?"

These questions don't offend me or anything - I just never really know what to say. Well, I have something to say now. Mostly a lot of whining. =)

In answer to your questions (in order)

1. When are we going to have another baby?

NOVEMBER 16th 2008!!!

2. Are we trying?

Um. See what I mean?? How do you answer this question???!

3. Am I pregnant?

For sure.

4. It's about time...

Yes it is.

So!! Now for the details!! I am not very far along. We would normally wait another month before telling everyone but people are starting to notice me being weird and I just really want some sympathy! I'm 8 weeks and sicker than I've EVER been. EVER.

We've had our first ultrasound and if I was really cool I'd scan the picture. I'm not feeling very cool right now. =) Everything looked great with the baby! Right on schedule. Only one baby! I thought maybe I had two because my Dr. said my uterus was measuring big and because I've been so sick. If you remember, I started out with 2 on my first pregnancy.

Haha! Sorry - couldn't resist. =)

Anyway - for the past 3 weeks things have just gotten worse and worse. The first couple weeks I was just EXTREMELY nauseous 24-7 and dry heaving occasionally. Then, last weekend was actually pretty good! I was up and not feeling too bad so I thought things were looking up! Monday morning was great - Nathan and I went to Anika's parent-teacher conference and then to the ultrasound. After that we went to a burger place for lunch. That afternoon was the start of the week from HELL. I hardly got off the couch from Monday-Wednesday. I threw up everything I ate. On Thursday I got up to take Anika to school and pick her up and then it was back to the couch for me. I pretty much just stared at the wall or the TV. I haven't watched so much TV in a LONG time! I did go in to the Dr. and he gave me a vitamin B12 injection and things have been a little better yesterday and today.

I was never this sick with Anika or Kes. I think I threw up once or twice with them. I hardly ever had heartburn - I already do with this one. I'm bloated and emotional and tired. I'm not sure what's going on but I really hope I forget this experience or I won't be wanting to be pregnant again any time soon!

Nathan had spring break this past week. He got to spend it taking care of me and the girls. He has emptied my throw up bowl many times and has been so wonderful. I don't know what I would have done without him. The girls have been little angels. They play all day and fetch me things whenever I ask them to. They love to get me snacks and water and my bowl. =) It's so cute when Keslie asks me how I'm feeling. She usually says "Are you a little bit better mommy?" and Anika is so cheerful - I'll ask her to get me a drink and she says "SHORE!!" (sure). Her voice is so expressive. Nathan says she sounds like Dora. She has been saying "Come on! Vamanos!" a lot lately. =)

Anika got her kindergarten shots yesterday. 6 POKES!! Can you believe that?? Poor little thing! At least she's done until she's 11! She was so cute about it though. As we were walking in she said to the nurse "I'm here to get a pinch because I'm getting ready for kindergarten!!" It's all she can talk about! =)

Here are some little tidbits I had started to type last weekend:

My girls say such cute things all the live long day! Anika and Kes made some Binoculars today at a birthday party and Anika has been calling them cunoculars. =) Sometimes their words are SO much better than the real thing and so I just can't bring myself to correct them. A couple other things:Breftis for breakfast, I'n for I'm and now I'm totally blanking on the others.

Whenever someone (usually daddy) is doing something fun with Keslie - ie: throwing her across the room onto the couch, tossing her into the air, spinning her around, tickling her belly, etc - She immediately asks to do it again. She says "I want to do that EYE-gain!! We love the way she says it!

Anika walked in on Nathan while he was using the bathroom (he has since learned to LOCK the door!) and was taken aback by what she saw! She said "Daddy! You have a noodle hiney!!" Hahahaha!! Sorry if that was too much info but it was just too hilarious not to share!

Keslie fell off of the top bunk tonight. It freaked us out because she fell head first and landed on her head. I'm so glad she didn't get hurt too badly. She does have a pretty big bump on her noggin, though. =)

And that is the end of this boring post! Now hurry! Comment so that I have something to distract me from my misery! =)