Monday, December 09, 2013

October/November Randoms

This handsome guy turned 34!! He just got a little cupcake because we left for Florida right after work on his birthday! =) 

The kids got a hold of the camera and here are some of their pics:

Anika went to a roller skating birthday party and said it was the best night of her life. =) Here she is with a couple of her cute friends. 

I went to the premiere of Catching Fire with a bunch of girlfriends! We went to DQ and when we left it was pouring rain and freezing cold! I didn't even thing to bring a jacket. Smart. 

Sawyer can often be found with lipstick all over her face. =) 

Lately, Bren has turned into a bit of a chicken at night. Most nights he throws all his stuff in Sawyer's crib and they fall asleep snuggled together. It's adorable. I had to snap a picture on this night because it was SOOOO precious! 

Keslie got to show off Hedgalina to her classmates. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Lawley. So do we! 

Halloween 2013

Pumpkin carving! We didn't get a final picture because Kes ran into the counter and gashed her eyelid. Awesome! 

My parents flew into town the night before Halloween so they got to go trick or treating with us! Here they are all ready to go get candy! 

There is a house down the street that has insane Halloween decorations. Here is the "freaky deaky" zombie lady and baby (Bren's words).

Trying out the electric chair!

See what I mean by insane??!! Ahhhhhhhh! Crazy. 

It was fun to have my mom and dad there for the Holiday festivities! More to come on their visit! 

Family Vacation 2013 - Disney World (Part 2)

On Tuesday we all got up and headed to Hollywood Studios! Kelyn got us in and then hung out with us until lunch time. Morgan told us we needed to head straight to the Toy Story ride to get a fast pass. It was a good thing we did! We got there at 9:30 am and our fast pass wasn't good until 7:30 pm that night. Crazy!
Brenan in front of some Monster's U bushes:

Heading into Hollywood Studios! 

Getting ready for Star Tours! They loved it! I even liked it and usually the 3D rides make me sick! 

This was the coolest thing ever. Morgan told us that we should be at the gate at 9 and then make a mad dash to get Bren's name on the Padawan training list. We didn't make it in time - maybe next year! But, how cool is this! All the kids got to fight Darth Vader after their Jedi training! Seriously awesome. 

About to watch the stunt show. It was incredible and Brenan was thrilled that the REAL Lightning McQueen came out! Bummer that we didn't get a picture. 
Cute Kelyn and Daffy Taffy

After that we headed over to the Tower of Terror! Keslie could not have been more excited! I was a little nervous but was acting brave. Anika was excited at first and then went into full on freak out mode. She tried to escape from the line several times. The worst part was that after we got on the ride and we went through the twilight zone and were about to experience a drop the ride stopped. We sat there for 10 minutes and then finally were brought to a weird exit. They let us immediately get back on the ride but Anika went certifiably CRAZY for the 2 minutes we waited. Writhing, crying, crazy. I'm the mean mom that made her ride. Haha!

In heaven!

Not happy. 

Nathan took Brenan and Logan. Bren didn't love it but kept his cool. On all the scary rides Bren would get on happily and then afterwards say "I didn't like that very much". Haha! We headed over to Rockin Roller Coaster afterwards and Kes road it 2 times. So fun! 

Dream come true right here. If only Dr. Doofenshmirtz had been there! 

Who wants to wait in a super long line when you can take a picture through the window?!

Finally riding Toy Story! They loved it! Great ride to finish the day with. Kelyn and Logan came back to ride it with us and then we went home where we found a delicious dinner waiting for us. Morgan can cook up a seriously fabulous meal and he spoiled us every single night. We'd stagger in starving and then we'd feast on whatever delight he whipped up. Thanks Morgan! 

Day 2 was spent at Magic Kingdom. We rode Pirates, Thunder Mountain, the Ariel Ride, the Carousel, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, drove cars at Fantasy Land, watched parades, Small World, The Haunted Mansion (Anika and I), Magic Carpets, The Jungle Tour. It was a fun day! Keslie is an animal! She LIVES for roller coasters! I think she rode Space Mountain 3 times! Kelyn was so nice and took Sawyer home at lunch time so we were able to do a lot more than we would have been. 

This is my favorite picture. Keslie and Anika are hilarious! 

Day 3 (final day) we spent at Animal Kingdom. It was perfect! We saw Bug's Life (which was awesome!), Lion King (amazing!), rode Everest, the Dinosaur ride, went on the safari, visited Rafiki's island, and lots of other little rides. Lovely day! 

This is how we roll - no waiting in line but we still sort of get a picture with the character. 

Our whole group minus Brenan who unbeknownst to us was hiding by the strollers. 

The first of many rides on Everest. 

That huge dinosaur comes out of nowhere! 


I missed the perfect shot. As we came around the corner the hippo was coming out of the water with his mouth wide open! It was like in the movies.

Lindsey and Kes

"Pumba, with you, everythings gas." 

This goat was so funny! He kept head butting the other one over and over in a sideways fling way. Weird. 

Cute buddies.

This girl is tough! As she was coming off her last ride she tripped and fell. It was so sad to see her running so excitedly and then biff it. Not a tear was shed. She just got up and grinned. She was a delight on this trip. Funny story though. She and Samuel were riding this ride while Kel took the littles to the super cool play area in Dino land and I took Bren to the bathroom. Nathan was supposed to wait for them. When I came out of the bathroom, I went and grabbed Nathan and we headed over to Kelyn having totally forgotten that we were waiting for Kes and Sam. A little bit later we realized what we had done and went running over to the ride. We couldn't find them anywhere! We started to freak out a bit but then Nathan spotted them on the ride. They had just hopped on again. Thank goodness! Haha! 

Last picture of the trip! We had the best time with Morgan, Kelyn, and kids and can't wait to go back! Nathan said it will be our yearly vacation. Haha! =) Love you guys!