Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Florida Trip With Two of My Besties

You know how you get together with your girlfriends and "talk" about how much fun it would be to take a trip here or there and get all excited about it but then it never comes to fruition? WELL, way back in April, on one of our Bachelor nights, Kim, Audrey, and I had this conversation. And then we FOLLOWED THROUGH!! I couldn't believe it when we actually purchased plane tickets. That meant it was really going to happen! We scheduled our trip for August and figured it would be the perfect time after a long, hot summer and we knew a getaway would be just what the doctor ordered. And it really, truly was! It lived up to all of our crazy, high expectations. It was such an amazing weekend!! 

We left on Thursday night and had quite the fun time laughing on the airplane before take off.

On Friday morning we headed over to Kelyn's house to pick her up and went to the store to pick up food for our day at Magic Kingdom! We took the ferry across and it was so pretty! My hair went completely frizzy in that humid weather. Here we are in our matching "Waldo" shirts. Yes. That really happened. Haha! 

It was so great to see my little sis!! She stayed with us for a little bit and then headed home. Love her SO SO much!! It was nice to know that she would be visiting my house in a week so I didn't feel so sad about not getting to spend as much time with her in Florida. 

Let the memories begin!! 

Oops! We weren't supposed to use flash photography on Pirates. 

Audrey loves birds. She was trying to impersonate his walk. Haha!

This was my favorite parade ever because we got to join the characters and dance with them on the street! 

About to ride Thunder Mountain. 

I was the lone rider. =) 

Then we started our "Where's Waldo" series of pictures. Here are a few. Can you spot us? 

LOVE her expression! 

Splash mountain is always a favorite. 

More dork pictures. It's what we do. 

Lame that our volunteer photographer cut off Gaston's head!! 

My personal favorite:

There was a great downpour of rain and the loudest thunder I've ever heard! Everyone took refuge in the shops or under the eaves but we gloried in the rain and sang and danced and everyone thought we were nuts! It's so fun to have people you can let go with! Our feet started to really hurt (we felt old) so we left and went to Target for some grub. Poor Audrey - her feet were very tired so we pushed her around. =) That night we watched a movie and ate ice cream (some more than others!).

Saturday was beach day number one. We tried the gulf side and went to Indian Rocks Beach. It was very relaxing. We read our books and swam and looked for shells. After a couple hours we were good and ready to eat. 

The Kooky Coconut was the BEST!!! 

Hugest, most delicious burritos ever! 

AND to top it off, they had the best ice cream in the world. 

We stopped at Panera on the way home and I'm pretty sure the employees thought we were drunk. We were laughing SO hard. Audrey and Kim were introduced to the "switch" and got to see me start sobbing uncontrollably only to start laughing all over again. We then danced outside our car at the hotel, with the music turned up, in the rain. It was epic. Then a soak in the hot tub and another movie and ice cream. I got just a little burnt. 

Sunday was a whole lot of relaxing and reading and eating. It was blissful. That night we visited Kelyn and her cute family again. Here I am with the Allen and Palfreman nephews and nieces! 

On Monday morning we packed everything up and then headed to the Atlantic ocean! Cocoa Beach was pretty much deserted and it was PERFECTION!! The waves were higher than Indian Rocks so we had a blast jumping into them and body surfing. 

We had a little friend that kept poking his head up at us while we were relaxing on our towels. This started a huge "catch the crab" hunt! We finally got him! Isn't he funny?! 

Then we rented a long board. Audrey was really good at it. I only ever made it up to my knees! Haha! But it was a blast and totally worth the $20.

We used the showers right off the beach and got as cleaned up as possible because we headed straight to the airport. Lots more laughing (mostly because Audrey is CRAZY!) in the lines at security and then a delicious lunch at On the Border. 
Our trip motto - We are amazing. We are awesome. We are cute. We love us! Haha! I know - this is the kind of post that is almost painful to read. Maybe you're a little embarrassed for us? I don't even care because it was the most glorious time!! 

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Amber said...

That is awesome! So, where do you live again? I know Audrey. She was in ward right after we were married in Mesa. What a small world. :)