Monday, December 09, 2013

October/November Randoms

This handsome guy turned 34!! He just got a little cupcake because we left for Florida right after work on his birthday! =) 

The kids got a hold of the camera and here are some of their pics:

Anika went to a roller skating birthday party and said it was the best night of her life. =) Here she is with a couple of her cute friends. 

I went to the premiere of Catching Fire with a bunch of girlfriends! We went to DQ and when we left it was pouring rain and freezing cold! I didn't even thing to bring a jacket. Smart. 

Sawyer can often be found with lipstick all over her face. =) 

Lately, Bren has turned into a bit of a chicken at night. Most nights he throws all his stuff in Sawyer's crib and they fall asleep snuggled together. It's adorable. I had to snap a picture on this night because it was SOOOO precious! 

Keslie got to show off Hedgalina to her classmates. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Lawley. So do we! 

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