Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Little Home...

The front view:

The left side of the back yard (the little fence is just the middle point! It's huge! Now if we could just get some grass to grow!):

Our front door jam - I think it's a bee or wasp - this is just another case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time! I don't even feel bad for the little guy. Those things strike fear to my heart every time I see them. Speaking of fear - I thought I was over my fear of cockroaches. Wrong-o. Found one in my washer machine. I almost started crying and it was a LITTLE one!

It's happening right now. I keep getting those body convulsions and I feel like I'm going to throw up my heart. Does that make any sense??!! Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Guy Smiley

Brenan didn't get much attention there for a couple weeks so he got a little grumpy. Now that things are back to normal he is more smiley than ever! We love his high pitched scream and his hilarious laugh! He likes to eat crackers and waffles and sweet potatoes. He wants to crawl so badly - he'll take off any day now! He's been sitting like a champ for the past month! AND Nathan gave him his first haircut! I think he should have gone a little shorter (it couldn't quite be called a buzz cut!) but he sure looks cute! I promise I get him dressed! Sometimes. =)


Don't you just want to grit your teeth and squeeze him?! We love this kid!!


We made it to Texas a MONTH ago and I still haven't posted about the great times we had on the way! The kids were amazing! The girls just played in the backseat while Brenan just sat happily between them. They only watched a few movies and the fighting was very minimal! We started in CT and then went through NY, NJ, DE, MD, Washington D.C., VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, and then finally TX! I think we drove through some of the most beautiful states in the US. We made a few stops on the way:

We stopped at Sumer and Richard's house first. They were awesome as usual! I was pretty much exhausted and then had one of my lovely allergy attacks so my personality wasn't very winning at that point. =) We did have a great time though - we went into Washington D.C. for a few hours and it was really fun to see a few of the amazing things they have there. I really want to go back sans kids, allergies, and tiredness. =)

Nathan and Richard touching the top of the Washington Monument!

You can see the White house in the distance!

Sumer and Me in front of Abe Lincoln!
We stayed one night there and then took off the next night around 9 pm. We drove through the night and the kids slept the ENTIRE time. I highly recommend doing this! As we got closer and closer to Orlando it started POURING!! Oh no! The plan was to go to Disneyworld the next day! This was not the kind of rain that is still bearable with a poncho. It would have been a miserable day if it had kept up! We were SO lucky - a few sprinkles the next day - that was it! We couldn't have asked for better! We stayed at Pop Century resort - we loved Baloo and Mogli. =)

Disney World was a blast!! We spent the day at Magic Kingdom and we were in heaven. The only thing I would have changed was the stroller! We didn't have room in our car for our own so we rented one. I'll never do that again! In a real stroller the kids could have taken naps and gone a little longer. As it was we were all done around dinner time so we headed back to the hotel. It was a fabulous day!

We stayed in Baton Rouge the next night and then headed to Texas! It was great to finally show Nathan and the girls the home I had been telling them about and it's so nice to be unpacked! Plus we got our minivan! Happy day!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Our Very Own D.M.D.!!!

I am so unbelievably proud of Nathan!

He officially graduated from dental school on May 17th (best anniversary present EVER!). We've had quite the whirlwind month and I decided that today is the day to play catch up. =) Nathan has worked so hard and it was great to spend the weekend celebrating all that he (and the other graduates) have accomplished these past 4 years. Nathan's parents came to CT to attend the graduation and I know it meant a lot to Nathan to have them there. Hilda and Saul were also able to come and support him. We love them and already miss them so much! The graduation itself actually wasn't as long as I thought it would be and some of the speakers were quite entertaining! It was a crazy weekend! We had a different graduation festivity to attend each day - there was a formal dinner, a brunch, and then finally, graduation. We also had to finish cleaning our house, eat at some of our favorite places one more time, and say goodbye to our dear friends. We had loaded up the truck the Thursday before so at least we weren't having to think about that! Anyway - here are some pictures from graduation weekend!

Nathan walking up the aisle after graduating - I can't believe he's a dentist!

Gary, Carol, Brenan, and Dr. West
Here he is with Hilda and Saul - our adopted CT grandparents.
We caught a few of his professors:
Dr. Nichols and Nathan

Nathan with Dr. Arteaga
Dr. Goupil and Nathan

We took so many pictures of Nathan with his classmates - it was hard to decide which to include! Here are a few of Nathan's best buddies from school:

Jake, Marissa, and Ryan
Hisham and Nathan

One with all of us! Hisham's wife, Rania, graduated from medical school the same day!

Nathan and Maureen

Nathan, Emily, and Lauren
Nathan and Kyle
Jenni, Me, and Hillary
May 17th was also our 7th anniversary! I love Nathan so much! Being married is so fun - especially when it's to your best friend.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Howdie Y'all!!

We made it to Texas!! Here is proof:

My steady-handed husband took this as we drove into the state! We are doing our best to drive as friendly as possible. =) I've got a lot more coming your way - just you wait!