Saturday, June 20, 2009

Guy Smiley

Brenan didn't get much attention there for a couple weeks so he got a little grumpy. Now that things are back to normal he is more smiley than ever! We love his high pitched scream and his hilarious laugh! He likes to eat crackers and waffles and sweet potatoes. He wants to crawl so badly - he'll take off any day now! He's been sitting like a champ for the past month! AND Nathan gave him his first haircut! I think he should have gone a little shorter (it couldn't quite be called a buzz cut!) but he sure looks cute! I promise I get him dressed! Sometimes. =)


Don't you just want to grit your teeth and squeeze him?! We love this kid!!


The Allen's said...

looks like the haircut tuckered poor nathan out. those eyes of his get me every time. he is a handsome little man. i want to squeeze his pudge. i hope he gets crawling soon since it is his goal. love you.

Mandi said...

Yes I do want to grit my teeth and squeeze him! Why don't I?! Oh, it's because my bestest friend lives half a country away and I don't even get to know your beautiful babies. Sigh. Someday my friend we will live next door and sit on the porch while we watch or children frolic. I love you! Your baby boy is beautiful!

Lea said...

Nice haircut! And I love the toothy grin!!

AASKH said...

Brittanie! I miss you! Your house looks beautiful and Brenan looks so cute with a haircut. We weren't able to cut Spencer's hair until around 18 months. Guess I just have baldies! :0)