Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 50th To My Mom

Today my mom would have been 50 years old! The last big post I did about my mom was on the 10 year anniversary of her death. I think that her 50th birthday deserves to be remembered also. My mom was an amazing person - full of laughter and fun! I think she would have welcomed her 50th birthday and partied the night away with everyone! I know the phrase "I wish" is pointless - but I wish we could throw her that party! My aunt wrote a fabulous post about my mom - you should check it out -

A few more memories of my mom:

*Does anyone remember the tan van? =) It was a beauty. We drove it up to Utah one summer and the ac broke. She spent the trip rubbing cold water on our arms and our legs. It's just a little memory but I love it. I don't know if it was on that same trip but one time as we were driving she saw wheat (I think) growing wild and we pulled over so that she could pick some to use in her wall decor. I always want to pull over and do cool spontaneous things but I never do! I need to be more like her.

* When my mom was pregnant with Joseph she went into the hospital a couple times at the end and they sent her home. Well - she really wanted to have him so we went on a walk one night and when we got to the corner she had an attack of IPC's as she called it. Involuntary poop contractions! She was walking around on her tippie toes in circles trying to hold it in and I about died because I was laughing so hard!

* My mom saw The God's Must Be Crazy 2 at the dollar theater over and over. She thought it was hilarious!

* When I turned 12 there was a special night at our church and all the parents got a turn to get up and talk about their daughter. She cried the whole time she talked about me.! I don't remember if she cried on my first day of kindergarten but I do know that she cried when she sent me off to girl's camp for my first time. Now I know why she was crying because I get like that when I talk/think about my kids!

* She could laugh with anyone. One time we were driving along and there were some teenage boys next to us. The kid driving stalled big time and my mom died laughing. The boys looked at her and started laughing and we were all laughing and then she waved at them and we all went our separate ways. She could make friends with anyone anywhere!

* When my mom found out she had cancer I was at a youth conference. A man in our ward asked me about it when we got home (I hadn't seen my parents yet). He didn't realize that I hadn't been told yet. Anyway - I was shocked to say the least! When we got home my parents brought us all to their room to talk about what was going on and what the treatments were going to be like. Everyone left and I laid next to her crying(which was rare because I wasn't a touchy feely lovey girl). She told me that she worried about me most of all because I didn't talk to people about what I was feeling. She used to do crazy things to get me to say I LOVE YOU. I was just so shy about it. I think her saying that made me realize that I need to be more open. I don't have a problem saying I love you anymore and I am SO glad!

Those are just a few more glimpses of my mom! I love her. I'm so grateful for the life she lived and that I was able to have her in mine - even if it was only for 15 years. Happy Birthday Mom!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Private it is.

Hey everyone! I know. This is a shocker. I'm not a fan of private blogs (I like the content - I just forget to check them!). Now that Anika is in school and away from me I just want to go private though.

Here is my solution. Leave this address - - on your google reader and blog list. Every time I post something new to my private blog I will also post something at that address telling you that I posted and include a link. If you are already signed into google reader you won't even have to sign in - just click on the link!

So - don't change anything but DO leave me a comment if you want me to invite you!! Don't assume that I'll know to invite you! I'll do the switch over in a week! Thanks!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kindergarten Girl

Anika started Kindergarten yesterday! She was so excited and has loved school so far. When I dropped her off I tried the whole "kissing hand" thing. I kissed her palm and told her that if she missed me during the day she could look at her hand and there would be a kiss waiting for her. She made quite the funny face and said "that's kinda weird. But it is a nice way for you to show your love for me." Anyway, I think she was ready for school! She does come home a little bossy but were working on that.

I just can't believe she's in school. It's hard to let her go out in the world - she's been so sheltered. I hate it that now someone else is with my child for more hours of the day than I am. I know it's good for her. I know she loves it. I know all children do it. I just can't stand how fast she's growing up! We've missed her sweetness during the day but I think Keslie is enjoying some one on one attention. =) Here is a picture video of Anika through the years with a song that says it all!

A Mother's Prayer - Celine Dion

I pray you'll be my eyes,
And watch her where she goes,
And help her to be wise,
Help me to let go.

Every mother's prayer
Every child knows,
Lead her to a place, guide her with your grace,
To a place where she'll be safe.

I pray she finds your light,
And holds it in her heart.
As darkness falls each night
Remind her where you are.

Every mother's prayer
Every child knows.
Lead her to a place, guide her with your grace,
Giver her faith so she'll be safe.

Lead her to a place, guide her with your grace

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Most Excellent Trip

Brooke and her boys joined us for a cross country trip (okay, not cross country but it was a LONG drive!!). We stayed super busy in AZ seeing family and friends and then headed up to Utah for Erik and Jessica's wedding! I am so glad we were able to go to that! We even got to see Nathan for a day!! After the wedding the kids and I headed up to Idaho! I LOVE Rexburg in the summer! I have about a million pictures. What's a girl to do?! I have to post them all!

We stayed with Kel for a couple nights and partied like a bunch of crazies! =) It was so fun being there. I love that girl plus Tess and Kens were there and it just so happens that I love those girls a lot too. =) We played Dr. Mario and watched High School Musical 3. Um - I pretty much loved that show. Best of the 3. Kelyn was an angel and cut and colored my hair and then gave me a pedicure! She's a saint!
Kel and Anika got a hold of the camera. Crazies.
We visited Grannie and Papa!

Grannie had us go through some stuff of my Mom's. My mom would have turned 50 this Saturday so she thought it would be special to give us the dolls she had been saving for us. I got the doll that my dad sent my mom while he was on his mission. It looks like a real baby so when I get baby hungry I can just rock this one. For now. =) Aunt Shaunna also brought over some stuff that she had - a few quilts and the many hats my mom wore around town. Minus the Zorro hat. That one was classic. I don't know many women that could pull off these hats but she TOTALLY did! =) Thank you Grannie and Aunt Shaunna - it meant a lot to me to be able to see these things and think of my mom.
We modeled a few of the hats:
I hung out with Mandi all day on Monday. It was glorious to say the least! Nicholas described it best when he said "this is the best playdate of my entire life!!". I agree! I always love being with my Mandi girl!

Mandi and Thomas - so cute!Anika, Nicholas, and Matthew
We had another playdate on Wednesday and I got to see the lovely Heidi! We had so much fun! I always look forward to our traditional cousin playdates.
We spent the Tuesday at Annies house! We made bread and ate at Panda Express. It was great to see Annie and her kids and also my family!

We went to Aunt Sharla's for a fabulous dinner and got to see the whole Kivett family (except Aunt Jolee and Stephanie and the boys!! So sad about that). It was SO good to see all of these wonderful people!
Here we are!
Grammy and Me and Brenan
Kelyn and Spencer. Can you believe she cuts and colors her own hair?! Sheesh.
Aunt Sharla, Chris, Grammy, Kens, and Dad
After this party Brooke and I hit the road! We drove through the night. I highly recommend it if you have a car full of kiddos! We spent the weekend doing wedding stuff, seeing Grandma West, and having a water fight at Grandpa Campbell's house. It was a blast!! I don't have any pictures of the actual water fight yet (I was too busy being in it!). I'll post some as soon as I get some copies. I didn't get many pictures from the wedding. I was always holding Bren. It was beautiful though!
Nana and Papa with their grandkids:

Carolyne, Taylor, and Keslie
All the cousins with Nana and Papa and Great Grandma West!
The kids with Great-Grandpa CampbellBrenan chillin' with Jordan and Marshall

Nathan and Brendan - these guys are so funny when they get together!After the water fight the kids and I bid good-bye to everyone and headed up to Idaho. On the way to Rexburg we stopped in Pocatello to check out Britt and Dusty's new digs!

Brayton and Raylee tried to stowaway with us! =) I'm convinced that there is no family as wonderfully fun as my family. =) Seriously. You've never played the Animal Game until you've played it with us. =) We played that along with several other laugh till you cry (literally - if you know me then you know what I'm talking about!) games. Like UHRUM:
We also did A-tootie-ta:
I got to see Brandon for a minute before he went on his California adventure. What a stud!
Brenan loved going on walks! Here he is with Aunt Baylie:
The lovely Lyssa Loo and the miserable Carly (nasty swimmers ear!) with Bren:
The girls helped in my parents MASSIVE garden. Keslie loved the peas!

We went to the zoo! Carlie and Anika:

Hannah and Keslie
Everyone that went to the zoo - minus me.
Dad, Hannah, me
We went to the sand dunes! It was a blast and the lake was super shallow so the kids were able to just wade around!

Amber and Keslie. I love that Amber girl. Seriously - I have the best siblings. All of them are fantastic!Keslie, Anika, Taylor, and Drew in their new outfits from Nana. We were just about to load up for Texas! It's nice to be home but we sure did love the trip!! Thanks everyone! Brooke - I'm waiting for you to post our road trip picture. It's so beautiful of us and I can't wait to steal it. =) Thanks for being my travel buddy - you rock - truly. I'll always think of you when I listen to our road trip cds. Thank goodness for those! Love ya!