Sunday, August 23, 2009

Most Excellent Trip

Brooke and her boys joined us for a cross country trip (okay, not cross country but it was a LONG drive!!). We stayed super busy in AZ seeing family and friends and then headed up to Utah for Erik and Jessica's wedding! I am so glad we were able to go to that! We even got to see Nathan for a day!! After the wedding the kids and I headed up to Idaho! I LOVE Rexburg in the summer! I have about a million pictures. What's a girl to do?! I have to post them all!

We stayed with Kel for a couple nights and partied like a bunch of crazies! =) It was so fun being there. I love that girl plus Tess and Kens were there and it just so happens that I love those girls a lot too. =) We played Dr. Mario and watched High School Musical 3. Um - I pretty much loved that show. Best of the 3. Kelyn was an angel and cut and colored my hair and then gave me a pedicure! She's a saint!
Kel and Anika got a hold of the camera. Crazies.
We visited Grannie and Papa!

Grannie had us go through some stuff of my Mom's. My mom would have turned 50 this Saturday so she thought it would be special to give us the dolls she had been saving for us. I got the doll that my dad sent my mom while he was on his mission. It looks like a real baby so when I get baby hungry I can just rock this one. For now. =) Aunt Shaunna also brought over some stuff that she had - a few quilts and the many hats my mom wore around town. Minus the Zorro hat. That one was classic. I don't know many women that could pull off these hats but she TOTALLY did! =) Thank you Grannie and Aunt Shaunna - it meant a lot to me to be able to see these things and think of my mom.
We modeled a few of the hats:
I hung out with Mandi all day on Monday. It was glorious to say the least! Nicholas described it best when he said "this is the best playdate of my entire life!!". I agree! I always love being with my Mandi girl!

Mandi and Thomas - so cute!Anika, Nicholas, and Matthew
We had another playdate on Wednesday and I got to see the lovely Heidi! We had so much fun! I always look forward to our traditional cousin playdates.
We spent the Tuesday at Annies house! We made bread and ate at Panda Express. It was great to see Annie and her kids and also my family!

We went to Aunt Sharla's for a fabulous dinner and got to see the whole Kivett family (except Aunt Jolee and Stephanie and the boys!! So sad about that). It was SO good to see all of these wonderful people!
Here we are!
Grammy and Me and Brenan
Kelyn and Spencer. Can you believe she cuts and colors her own hair?! Sheesh.
Aunt Sharla, Chris, Grammy, Kens, and Dad
After this party Brooke and I hit the road! We drove through the night. I highly recommend it if you have a car full of kiddos! We spent the weekend doing wedding stuff, seeing Grandma West, and having a water fight at Grandpa Campbell's house. It was a blast!! I don't have any pictures of the actual water fight yet (I was too busy being in it!). I'll post some as soon as I get some copies. I didn't get many pictures from the wedding. I was always holding Bren. It was beautiful though!
Nana and Papa with their grandkids:

Carolyne, Taylor, and Keslie
All the cousins with Nana and Papa and Great Grandma West!
The kids with Great-Grandpa CampbellBrenan chillin' with Jordan and Marshall

Nathan and Brendan - these guys are so funny when they get together!After the water fight the kids and I bid good-bye to everyone and headed up to Idaho. On the way to Rexburg we stopped in Pocatello to check out Britt and Dusty's new digs!

Brayton and Raylee tried to stowaway with us! =) I'm convinced that there is no family as wonderfully fun as my family. =) Seriously. You've never played the Animal Game until you've played it with us. =) We played that along with several other laugh till you cry (literally - if you know me then you know what I'm talking about!) games. Like UHRUM:
We also did A-tootie-ta:
I got to see Brandon for a minute before he went on his California adventure. What a stud!
Brenan loved going on walks! Here he is with Aunt Baylie:
The lovely Lyssa Loo and the miserable Carly (nasty swimmers ear!) with Bren:
The girls helped in my parents MASSIVE garden. Keslie loved the peas!

We went to the zoo! Carlie and Anika:

Hannah and Keslie
Everyone that went to the zoo - minus me.
Dad, Hannah, me
We went to the sand dunes! It was a blast and the lake was super shallow so the kids were able to just wade around!

Amber and Keslie. I love that Amber girl. Seriously - I have the best siblings. All of them are fantastic!Keslie, Anika, Taylor, and Drew in their new outfits from Nana. We were just about to load up for Texas! It's nice to be home but we sure did love the trip!! Thanks everyone! Brooke - I'm waiting for you to post our road trip picture. It's so beautiful of us and I can't wait to steal it. =) Thanks for being my travel buddy - you rock - truly. I'll always think of you when I listen to our road trip cds. Thank goodness for those! Love ya!


Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

Thank you for FINALLY posting! What a huge fun trip. Keslie looks so big, I hardly recognize her.

The Richins Family said...

i am so bummed that you didn't tell me that you were in AZ. we could have met up for a short visit. oh well, next time you will have to make sure you tell me when you are here so we can see each other.

Natalie said...

You have such a fun family! I seriously miss you guys so much! I can't believe how big brenan is!!!!In fact I can't believe how big all of your kids are! I hope we can meet up some time:)

Mandi said...

Wowza! You put all of my "huge" blog posts to shame! I loved every minute of these pics. Good grief, is that where you're parents live? I would never want to leave. It's absolutely beautiful! Oh how I love your family. You need to tell your parents hello for me the next time you see them because I have such tender feelings for them. Thank you for the wonderful hangout. It was seriously one of the best we've had in a long time. I love you and miss you so much! Too bad Steve's business takes him to Dallas instead of San Antonio. I could sneak on with his baggage one of these times and come see you. I miss you!

Amber said...

What a fun trip! We love the animal game too. You have an awesome fun family. Loved the pictures.