Friday, August 31, 2007


This is Keslie being SICK as we are about to be camping ALL weekend!! Lovely. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good Article

This was one of the headlines on MSN and I think it's a good one! Check it out!

BOYS LIKE GIRLS - The Great Escape

Okay - I LOVE this song!

Here I am - finally! I don't have much to report!

On Monday the girls did little paintings!

Anika's is "a picture of daddy eating his wunch with a wadybug". It started out looking like something - but I guess she didn't know when to stop. =)

Anika's new phrase is: "I don't want "whatever it is she doens't want" because it's not my favorite." This morning she told me that I am "Indispensable, kind and dear". I totally cracked up! Where did she learn that word?? She says the FUNNIEST things!!
Keslie says everything in question form and is in love with teletubbies! She has a very cute little lithsp. =)
They both love to play at the park. Anika is still kinda of wimpy. She doesn't like heights at all - so any climbing she does is in slow motion. We went to the park behind our house this morning and the girls had a grand time! Here they are on the swings!

Just a few more pics:

What a GOOF!

I couldn't find Anika the other morning - I finally found her curled up on the bookshelf! She loves to hide and begs us to play hide and seek all the time!

Keslie tried to take her shirt off and it got stuck like this. She thought she was hilarious!

I saw Stardust last week with a couple of friends and I totally recommend it!!

We are camping this weekend so I'll have a bunch of fun pictures next week!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Galaxy Quest

Guess what movie we just got out of the $5 bin at Walmart!!


I'm excited to sit back and enjoy it's hilariousness! Enjoy the 5 second clip courtesy of YOUTUBE!

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Little Chefs

Howdie! I hope that every one's week is off to a great start! We have been having the most fabulous weather here! I'm loving it but feeling a bit nervous that winter will start sooner rather than later. Some trees are already changing colors! So - because the fresh air is moving through our house (yes - our windows are open!!) and the fact that I motivated myself to do some cardio-sculpting with good ole' Denise Austin I'm feeling just downright CHEERFUL!! =) The girl's and I had ourselves a cooking morning. I attempted THREE different crafts and each one of them ended up in the garbage. Instead we decided to put our fresh blueberries to good use. We made a blueberry struessel coffee cake. They also helped me make some BBQ sauce when I
discovered I didn't have a bottle of it in the pantry. Dang it! I much prefer bottled and boxed stuff (cake and muffin mixes, pancake mixes, brownie mix) from the grocery store to homemade stuff. Maybe it is less healthy but it's SO much more tasty! That's what matters - right?!!

Getting started - YES. Anika is still in her pjs. I'm well aware of their ragamuffin status today. I don't look any better! That's a typical Monday for you. =)

Anybody want to come over for a piece now that you know my kid's fingers have been all over in it? Haha! Don't worry - I don't make a habit of letting my kids put their hands all over the food - unless I know we are the only ones who will be ingesting it.

Sampling the finished product after baths - YUMMY!

Keslie decided that dipping her carrots in the jelly and peanut butter was a tastier option. Haha!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm such a SLACKER!!

We've had such an eventful couple of weeks and I have totally dropped the ball with blogging. I can't even remember all the things I wanted to write about! I know. All of you are probably breathing a great BIG sigh of relief because you won't have to read about every little detail. =) Really - I'm sorry I do that. =)

We had a GREAT day yesterday! We took the girls out to Rose's Berry Farm in Glastonbury to pick blueberries! It was SO fun. I'm glad we had such a great experience because we went berry picking for playgroup last Thursday and I have to say that it wasn't much fun for me. =) At the very beginning Keslie lost one of her shoes. I spent the entire time looking for it. Sheesh! It shouldn't be hard to locate a bright pink shoe!! I never did find it. I also didn't like the pickin' patch as much because it just didn't feel as well kept. There was netting all over the walking area and the grass and weeds were two feet high! At Rose's Berry farm everything was so beautiful and the blueberries were HUGE! AND we got to ride a fun wagon to the blueberry bushes. Keslie and Anika both got their own buckets. I think more berries ended up in their bellies than in the bucket!

This is at playgroup - before the mysterious disappearance of her shoe.

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We went to a couple tag sales on the way and HIT THE JACKPOT at one of them! We spent $17 and now the girls are almost totally decked out for Christmas presents. I know - how pathetic are we? But the girls don't notice if they get used things and everything was in awesome condition.

Anika paid her tithing for the first time today! She had a WHOLE quarter to give. =) I think we are going to start having her do a couple chores and giving her an allowance of 10 cents a day if she gets them done (with a happy attitude). I think it will motivate her! She LOVES putting money in her piggy bank.

We tried a new mexican restaraunt last night! It is called Coyote Flaco. It was really yummy! I was glad to find out that there ARE a couple Mexican places around here!

I never let you know what we thought of THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. Better late than never - right? We loved it! At first we were worried that it was going to be really wobbly and all over the place like the second one was. Luckily it got better and the camera man learned how to hold his hand still! We thought it was great! I wouldn't recommend it if you hate any violence. Nathan and I LOVE violence. Haha! I'm just kidding - but we did feel kind of stupid when we couldn't stop smiling during a couple of the fight scenes. HELLO - Jason Bourne really knows his stuff! The audience was cheering! =)

Anyway - I'll quit boring you! Happy Sunday! Here are some pics from this morning. The girls looked so darn cute!

I did this ALL day!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I know that this picture was in my hair slide show but I just think it is SO DANG CUTE! It deserves to be in a post all by itself!

This morning Keslie was walking around with these sunglasses on her head. I guess she sees me sporting that look a lot so decided she would give it a try! Such a cutie!

Craft Day

Today we finished up our craft from last week! The girl's each painted a clay pot. We are going to put some soil in them and stick them outside and they will be able to put all of their special stuff in them. They love to collect rocks and leaves and bugs and I think they will like having a fun place to put everything! I got the idea from Family Fun magazine. It is the BEST magazine EVER! There are so many cute ideas. I would definitely recommend getting a subscription!

I found a locust skin today. If I had a clay pot, I would TOTALLY be putting it in there! Kelyn and I used to collect those by the dozens when we were kids. Anika and Keslie wanted nothing to do with it!

Here they are in action and afterwards:

Dr. Nathan

Nathan saw his first patient today!! Pretty exciting! I didn't get a picture of him on his official first day of 3rd year - so I grabbed him today! Here he is - all decked out in his scrubs and white coat! I'm so proud of him!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Horrible Hair

I put together a little slide show of some of the girl's many hairstyles. =) Some are horrible and some are not - but I think this song is so funny! When we were kids we used to listen to THE LETTER PEOPLE on records - now I have a CD of it and I still enjoy it! I went to put a link to The Letter people and found out that they have videos for the songs!! What?!! Anyway - I put Mr. H's song on the slide show of the girl's hair but I would also recommend Mr. S, Mr. F, and Mr. M. They are all pretty funny though. =) Picture Kelyn and I dancing around the livingroom in my mom's old dresses to these songs! Such memories!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

So, I walked in the hall this morning and found Keslie sitting on their little teapot that holds all of their toy dishes. She told me that she was going potty. She'd stand up and pull up her pants and then do it all over again. She's hilarious!

It's been awhile since I've documented what the girls are doing and saying so here goes! Keslie is learning so much and talking more and more everyday! She LOVES to sing! Popcorn popping is her favorite but she's happy to sing any song, especially if it has hand motions. She asks for "Happy, Jo, Jo" (happy, joy, joy) the minute we get in the car. Anika was OBSESSED with that song when she was Keslie's age too! She also loves to say the prayer. We always ask "Okay, who should say the prayer?" and she yells "ME!!" but points at someone else. =) For awhile she called Anika "Eeka". I think she says it correctly now but I wish she'd go back to the old way! It was so cute! She loves to give hugs and say "I love you". The other day while we were driving in the car she said "yuv you feet". She's pretty into her feet and shoes. =)

Anika is getting to be so grown up! She starts preschool in about a month! I know she's going to love it! We just found out her teacher's name and all that fun info yesterday. I'm dying to buy THIS
for her first day of school outfit! Isn't it darling? With a cute, little white shirt underneath?
She is finally starting to enjoy going to primary! We are SO happy about that.
She is always saying things to make me laugh! Today at lunch Keslie took a handful of her macaroni and shoved it in her mouth and Anika said "HOLY COW PIGGY!!". She also said "Thank you mudder for this dewishus lunch!". One more - we went swimming the other day and on the way home Anika told me that she was going to have a pink, strawberry pool when she grows up. And if you blow your breath into the water it will put a STRAWBERRY in your mouth!! She comes up with some pretty funny stuff!

Nathan started school on Monday! He sees his first patient next week! How exciting!! He's so cute - he got some new shoes to wear in clinic and he keeps asking me if I like his new "kicks". Haha! I keep trying to talk him into starting a blog so that he can journal his experiences with dental school. But, he's not going for it! Oh well, I'll keep trying. I'll get a picture of him in his scrubs and new "kicks" and post it soon!

We are going to see THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM tonight! I'm so excited! Nathan LOVES the Bourne movies. I'll let you know how it is!

The Splash Pad

Friends Reunited:

Connnor has been in Hawaii for the past 3 months so Anika was really excited to see him! They had such a good time playing together. Keslie is such a hoot! She has no fear and just charges right into the middle of the sprinklers! Her tongue was out almost the entire time. =)