Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Here I am - finally! I don't have much to report!

On Monday the girls did little paintings!

Anika's is "a picture of daddy eating his wunch with a wadybug". It started out looking like something - but I guess she didn't know when to stop. =)

Anika's new phrase is: "I don't want "whatever it is she doens't want" because it's not my favorite." This morning she told me that I am "Indispensable, kind and dear". I totally cracked up! Where did she learn that word?? She says the FUNNIEST things!!
Keslie says everything in question form and is in love with teletubbies! She has a very cute little lithsp. =)
They both love to play at the park. Anika is still kinda of wimpy. She doesn't like heights at all - so any climbing she does is in slow motion. We went to the park behind our house this morning and the girls had a grand time! Here they are on the swings!

Just a few more pics:

What a GOOF!

I couldn't find Anika the other morning - I finally found her curled up on the bookshelf! She loves to hide and begs us to play hide and seek all the time!

Keslie tried to take her shirt off and it got stuck like this. She thought she was hilarious!

I saw Stardust last week with a couple of friends and I totally recommend it!!

We are camping this weekend so I'll have a bunch of fun pictures next week!


lnkmom said...

What cuties! Love Anika's "not my favorite" line. And I wonder if we ever will really know how they come up with such silliness!

Cam and Afton West said...

They are as cute as ever! Hasnt Anika started preschool yet? If so, I want to see pictures!!! If not, when does she start?

Mandi said...

OH my sweetest little girls that I crave! The other day I saw a picture of Nicholas and Anika and I just thought how sad it is that these little friends don't even get to play. I just love your girls. No wonder I couldn't get ahold of you after trying to call over a bazillion times! I was desperate for a Brittanie chat and there was none to be found. I am excited that you get to go camping this weekend. We are working on doing that same thing in Show Low, but we'll see. It seems like something always comes up when you are excited about doing something. I Love You! Call me when you get home! I hope you had the very best trip ever!