Sunday, August 12, 2007

Horrible Hair

I put together a little slide show of some of the girl's many hairstyles. =) Some are horrible and some are not - but I think this song is so funny! When we were kids we used to listen to THE LETTER PEOPLE on records - now I have a CD of it and I still enjoy it! I went to put a link to The Letter people and found out that they have videos for the songs!! What?!! Anyway - I put Mr. H's song on the slide show of the girl's hair but I would also recommend Mr. S, Mr. F, and Mr. M. They are all pretty funny though. =) Picture Kelyn and I dancing around the livingroom in my mom's old dresses to these songs! Such memories!!


riggsfam said...

Funny! What a random song! I just love Keslie's curls! I wish Riley's hair was that curly. I have to use a lot of hairspray to get her curls to stay!

Mandi said...

Okay, that is the cutest thing! I hadn't finished reading the post before I looked at the pictures and I was thinking that because of the post name you were saying all of the hairstyles were horrible. I was thinking to myself that some of that hair was pretty darn fab and horrible or not I was wanting you to give me a few pointers for Katie's hair. Luckily I read the rest of the post and realized that wasn't the case. I hope you are having a fabulous day! Call me sometime! I finished Harry Potter! We can chat! Love ya!

Choate Family said...

Very cute! Love the song and the pictures!!