Sunday, July 24, 2011


Many of you have heard about that fateful night when Nathan almost lost his life. Not really - but he swears he saw my eyes become murderous. =) It all started because I pick my heals. I think it's hereditary - my mom used to pick her feet too. I remember the huge piles of skin she would set on the arm of her chair. She was super lucky because wicket (our dog) would come over and eat them for her whereas I have to stand up and throw mine away. It's a hard life I live! Haha! Anyway, it is one of Nathan's greatest pet peeves that I do this. One night when we were in CT and I had been blissfully peeling skin off of my heals he started to get after me about it. I told him to leave me alone - it's my body and if I want to pick my darn feet then by golly I will! Well, he just kept at it and I was NOT in the mood (and I told him so). He kept going. I warned him that I was seriously not in the mood (my voice may have wavered - maybe I was pregnant and emotional - I can't remember). This is the moment that's gone down in history - he started CHANTING: mutilation, mutilation, mutilation, mutilation (this is where my eyes became murderous) and I charged him. I think the only thing that stopped me from really wrestling him to the ground and giving him a wet willy or something was the honest to goodness look of fear in his eyes. I laugh every time I think about it!

Well, it's heal picking season again and here are the results so far:
It's not that bad yet - I haven't gotten to the middle of my heel. You can sort of see the deep grooves and scabs. Nathan doesn't say too much about it anymore and I make sure to not complain about the incredible amounts of pain it causes me the next day. I don't want to give him any ammo for the mutilation theory! =) So, do any of you have any great heal treatments so that I can get rid of the temptation to pick? I've tried those foot scrubber things and it didn't do much to help. What about the Pedi-Egg? I haven't wanted to drop $10 on something that wouldn't work. =)

In other news - we are loving Fort Worth! I've been terrible at taking pictures since we've been here but I will do a quick catch up! We have quite the horrible moving story (eventually I'll write that one down) but once we (and our stuff) arrived at the house things went uphill. We love our house and the kids can actually play in the yard! We've been living it up in the kiddie pools almost daily! We love the surrounding area - it feels like we live in the country. There are lots of open spaces and horses and we love the green. It's not Connecticut green but since I can't have that I'll take this for sure! Nathan loves his office staff and the doctors he's working with. We love our ward and now I'm just crossing my fingers that I'll love the school! Here are the 2 pictures I've taken since we've been here:

Chick-Fil-A customer appreciation day! This is the best I could do without a printer (it still hadn't been set up) and limited construction paper. There were a lot more people dressed up this year and I wish we'd had our camera because we could have taken a picture with the cow! Last year the Chick-Fil-A didn't have a cow! Anyway, it was totally worth it! =)

Reunited and it feels so good!
We have gotten to hang out with the Soters' several times since we've been here! I even got to see M&M on her birthday! Unfortunately, I haven't taken any pictures of our fun times except for this one of the kids eating mac n' tom. I'm going to have to be better! I didn't even take any from 4th of July. LAME.
Happy Sunday night y'all!

Monday, July 18, 2011


It's hard to believe we've finally reached that light at the end of the tunnel! Part of me is sad to leave the student life behind. There is such a camaraderie with other student families and it's kind of fun to be poor and to really appreciate all the little (and big) things that happen. I am extremely proud of Nathan. He has always worked SO hard. In Tucson when he was getting his undergrad in business management and getting in the credits he needed for dental school he would ride his bike to work at Wells Fargo in the morning and then go to school for the afternoon and then come home, eat dinner, and then often would be studying for the rest of the night. Especially as we got closer to dental school and he began preparing for the D.A.T. In dental school he spent countless hours studying for tests and boards and still made time for our family. He always helped with dinner clean up and played with the kids and helped me get them ready for bed even after coming home from a long day at school and gearing up for a late night of studying. I remember when he started dental school - graduation seemed so far away! But it came and went and now he's graduated this one more time and I just have to say: BRAVO Nathan! You are one amazing man and I am so lucky to have gotten to join you for this ride!

Nathan's parents were able to come for his graduation. It's quite the laid back affair but it was great to see him up there with all of his co-residents and to feel so proud of him.

Here his is with some of his co-residents

Us with David and Misty