Monday, March 24, 2008

Catching up!

We have had TONS going on and once again I just haven't felt like blogging! I'm actually feeling up to it so I thought I should get crackin'!

First of all - I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Our whole weekend was filled with Easter festivities and it was great! Here are the girls all dolled up for church! Aren't they beauties?

We had a fun little Easter egg hunt playgroup last week! I really don't like that Easter was so early this year! It was WET all day so we had to do the hunt indoors. I don't think the kids cared though! Here are some photos from that:

Friday night we colored our Easter Eggs:

We had a very busy day on Saturday! We got up early and saw that the Easter Bunny had stopped by our house!! The girls were SO excited! After that we went over to our friend's house for a birthday breakfast for their son, Samuel. It was DELICIOUS and fun to be over there! After that we headed out to Farmington for the Easter Egg hunt. I don't think we will go to that one again! Last year the girls got to hunt with the younger crowd this year we put both of them in with the 3-4 year old group and Keslie got ZERO eggs and Anika got 5. The kids just swept over the place and the parents were SUPER pushy. I was pretty annoyed. =) They did have fun getting there faces painted and jumping in the bounce house though!

Anika said "MOM!! DAD!! That SILLY Easter Bunny hid an egg in this shoe!" Then she died laughing. It was so cute!

That night we had Jack over to play while Jenny and Josh went on a date! The kids had a ball. At one point Nathan got out the Wii and tried to teach them how to bowl. Apparently, our kids are the only ones NOT savvy at the Wii! It was pretty cute to watch them try. Anika caught on but Keslie was all over the place. =) On Sunday we went to church and then came home and went over to some friend's house for a delicious dinner! And that about raps up our Easter festivities!

It's been so fabulous having Nathan home! He was gone for 8 days in Paraguay and Argentina! He went there with some of his school buddies to do volunteer work down there. They extracted lots of teeth and taught the kids how to floss and brush. They also got to see a bunch of fun stuff! I told Nathan that he should post about his trip but I doubt he'll ever get around to it! I wish he would because he has some fun stories! He took tons of pictures though! So, I'm going to put them in a bubbleshare album so that you can check them out!! Enjoy!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Random (really random) stuff

Curse the rain today! I was going to be SUPER cool and take the girls to the St. Patrick's Day parade but it doesn't look like that will happen! Oh well. I really hope that our Easter Egg festivities aren't ruined by rain though!

A few things I'm thinking about:

Did you guys watch LOST? Don't read on if you didn't. Did you BAWL your eyes out at the end? What in the HECK? Is Jin really dead? Help me out here - the stuff with Jin was a FLASHBACK and the stuff with Sun was a flash forward, right? I was not surprised that Michael was Ben's spy on the ship. I'm on the fence about Ben. I don't trust him. He seems bad to me. But I do trust Sayid and we know that when Sayid gets off the island he starts working for Ben. Why would he do that? I can't wait for that mystery to be solved. I'm also on the fence about Juliette. I like that she and Jack are together because I really want Kate and Sawyer to end up together. Jack really bugs me. Who do you think will die next week? Could it be Claire and that is how Kate ends up with Aaron? Or do you think that "Aaron" is Kate's baby with Sawyer? Gosh. This show is SO confusing - but I love it. =)

Last night the girls and I had a girls night out. We went out to eat at Red Robin and then came home and watched Bee Movie. It was pretty cute!

Keslie's new thing to say is:
"You are a mudder and daddy is a fodder and I am a cutie".

I am officially the worst daughter ever. I forgot my mom's birthday. And Alyssa's. Add in Amber's and Samuel's and Rachel's and Renee's and I'm feeling pretty pathetic. Some comfort please. Does anybody else have a problem with birthdays? I just seem to get worse and worse as the years go on.

I've decided to do the 10 years ago tag that's floating around.

10 yrs ago:
*I was 16 and in my Sophomore year at Westwood. My parents had just gotten married and we had moved to Gilbert. My dad let me finish out that year at Westwood so I got to drive to school. Right about now I was probably getting busted for stopping to get ice-cream on my way home from school. RULE #1 - I was absolutely not supposed to drive anywhere but to and from school. I felt that my argument was pretty strong - Roseanne's (the ice-cream place) was RIGHT off the road so I was basically just stopping, not driving anywhere extra. I guess that was just the last straw - one time I ditched and drove somewhere for lunch and another time I gave some people a ride home. Plus I'm sure there were other things. 16 was not my best age. I was grounded until I completed 120 hours of work. =) Pretty harsh, huh?!! My dad was the best though - he'd take my sheet of paper with the hours on it and tear off 20 or so every once in awhile for good behavior. =) I was sort of dating Josh Henderson. Our relationship consisted of hanging out at school and talking on the phone. We were sure we were in love and going to get married someday. I don't know anymore. Does a 16 year old REALLY know what love is? I can't decide. I sure thought so at the time. Being 16 was just way TOO MUCH DRAMA. I guess 17 and 18 were pretty dramatic too. My journal is so funny (and humiliating) to read. One day I would HATE so and so and then the next I would LOVE them. One day someone would be my best friend and the next I would feel betrayed by them. Good grief! I'm SO glad that time in my life is over and that I grew up. =)

5 Things on my list of things to do today:
*Clean the office, the middle room, the bathroom and the hall closet
*Make no bake cookies!!
*take a nap
* make dinner.

Yeah - I have plans to be pretty unproductive today. =)

Things I would do if I suddenly was a Billionaire:
*Pay off all our student loans.
*Buy a house
*Get a second car
*Go shopping
* Share it with those that need it!

3 of my bad habits:
* I eat too much.
*I pick my nose.
* I bite and pick at my lip.

Places I have lived:
* Mesa
* North Carolina
* Gilbert
* Tucson
* Connecticut

Jobs I have had:
*Sandwich artist at Subway! YEAH!
* Car Hop at Sonic
*Customer service rep
* Dental office

Things most people don't know about me:
I feel like I'm a pretty open book but I'll try my best.

* I remember getting my umbilical chord cut off - yes my memory is that good! Haha!
* When I was a teenager I got pulled over several times and I only got warnings! I'm still ticket free - oh except for that one time I got in a car accident. I got a ticket then - but it wasn't for speeding!
* I like to clean.
* I like to drive.
* I used to be really really shy.

That's the end of that one.

So, I was reading this blog and this girl posted about how she had been having dreams about her 7th grade crush for the past several years and she finally found him using google and she SENT HIM AN E-MAIL. Just for closure, of course. But still - I found myself breathing a huge sigh of relief that I've never done that. Honestly - who hasn't had a dream or two about past loves/crushes? I've had several. Nathan knows. They aren't gross dreams - usually just hanging out and back in high school. But I wake up thinking things like - "Oh - I wonder how he's doing?! I wish I could just send him an e-mail to say hi - make sure he's happy." Or "GOSH - I HATE how that ended - it would be so nice to run into him and say the right thing for once instead of totally freaking out or send a note saying - sorry I was such a DORK". I do believe I'd like closure with lots of people - and not just guys. Sometimes I will remember something I did or said that might have offended someone - like 10 YEARS ago - and I think I should contact them and clear it up. Seriously - if they are still thinking about something like that 10 years later then they are mental. Since I'm still thinking about it - I must be mental. Anyway - what do you think? Do you think it's okay to be "friends" with men besides your husband? That sounds weird of course you'll have male friends - but I mean the kind that you e-mail, talk to on the phone, maybe go out to lunch with occasionally? I think it's okay to be friends as a couple. For example - I consider Steve S. my buddy but I'd never call him up and chat or hang out with him just the two of us. It would ALWAYS be in couples. I might be overly strict - Nathan knows that I don't want him driving alone in a car with another woman - even if they are just carpooling to the same place. It's not that I don't trust him. I just think it would make him a little too comfortable being alone with someone else. And I think that's how things start. Whoa - that was some serious rambling.

I'm off to help the girls get their toys cleaned up! They've been busy pretending all morning!
Have a great day!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Our fun weekend - 2 weeks ago.

I'm really getting behind! Is anyone else experiencing a blog blah blah blahness? I haven't been in the mood AT ALL!

Our friends - Sumer, Richard, Richard Scott, and David came for a visit a couple weekends ago and it was so much fun! I LOVE having visitors! We put together a girl's night for Friday night and it was great to get together with everyone! On Saturday it snowed a lot! So- we rounded up all the snow clothes we had and went out and played! The boys were totally pink but I don't think they cared! Then that afternoon we went to a birthday party for Abby. It was the cutest thing ever! It was "tea party" themed and everything was so adorable! Check out the pictures. I am SO going to copy this idea someday. =)

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Sunday was our last day with the Vellinga's and Richard Scott got sick so that was a bummer! It was that lovely 24 hour flu and it went through all of us that following week. I think Nathan was the only one spared. =) It was SO worth it to have them come though! Hopefully we can talk them into coming again. =)