Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Class Christmas Parties!

Nathan and I were able to go to their class parties this year! It's so much fun getting to be a part of their school day!

Christmas 2012

In an effort to do some major catching up I am just slapping pictures on here in no particular order. Haha! We had a lovely Christmas this year. It was just us and we enjoyed just being together. 

Here we are on Christmas eve eve. The night before Christmas eve. 

Sawyer ignoring me and touching the ornaments because that's how she rolls. =)

Yes, that is a miniature tie. It came with the shirt, what're you gonna do? I didn't think anyone would notice but Nathan was substituting a primary class and overheard one of the kids asking why "that boy's tie is so small". Haha!

On Christmas eve we had Frontega Chicken Sandwiches with Tomato-Basil Parmesan soup. 

Then we got to work making sugar cookies for Santa Clause!

We acted out the Nativity story. Nathan was the donkey. He had really long ears! 

We played, opened new pj's, and set cookies and milk out for Santa.

Here are a million pictures from Christmas morning! 

First things first. Stockings!!! Woohoo! My favorite part! Silly string? Thanks a lot Santa. 

She loves it so much she tried eating it! 

Bren got some gorilla snot to help style his hair. =) 

Present time! 

My sweet girls made each other little stuffed animals (an American Girl kit) and they were both so excited to open theirs. It was so sweet to watch them open up the notes they wrote one another and to see their reactions. They were SO happy. 

All Anika wanted for Christmas was a rare lalaloopsy named Bea Spell's A Lot. She got this other one instead. She wasn't exactly thrilled about it (her first silly hair one and it bugs her that it doesn't match the others) but she did a good job at being grateful. 

Here is her cute letter to Santa.

He's smiling but he had to be snarky! "Oh great! High tops!!!" Haha! They are not high tops! They are mid tops!! =) 

He got two pairs (so that he could choose his favorite). He sent back the "high tops". 

Nathan outdid himself this year. I got some beautiful jewelry and he totally knit me a scarf. For reals. Amazing. 

 After all the presents were open we told the kids that we had one more present for them. They were so excited! We got our first official family pet. A hedgehog! She is SO cute! Please meet Hedgalina Jolie:

After present opening, we ate cinnamon rolls and then it started snowing!! The kids were thrilled! They were even able to make a little snow man! Isn't he cute?!

After lunch we headed down to Austin to see the Gordon's and Mom and Dad West and eat a lovely Christmas dinner. In the West family, we have a tradition where the kids all do a cousin Christmas ornament swap. Here are the kids opening their new ornaments. They LOVE their ornament collection! 

Papa got a gun for Christmas so we thought it would be funny to give him a shirt with the kid from "The Christmas Story" and it says "You'll shoot your eye out!". Haha!

Brooke and Scott and Olsen

It was a wonderful Christmas. It was fun to be home and able to focus on us and our traditions. Love this little family of mine. Merry Christmas!