Monday, April 01, 2013

Family Pictures

This, my friends, is why you hire professionals to take your family pictures. As lovely as a tripod is, it just doesn't quite do the trick. Oh well, here are some pictures of our little family (in no particular order):

This one has a back story. I've always wanted Nathan to do a photo shoot where he is doing something cool like walking along with his hands in his pockets, kicking a pebble. He always makes fun of me. SO, here is his rendition of cool, pebble kicking: 

Since those didn't go so well we tried again (with even less success):

But we ended up with this gem. Haha! Who knew Brenan was posing like that?! We laughed and laughed when we saw it. Little goofball. =)


Lindsay said...

Cute family! I wish we lived closer so you could take pics of our family and we'd do yours! Let us know if you're ever in Vegas... :)

Amber said...

I love them! Especially the last one it is a gem. LOL! You are one awesome family!