Monday, April 01, 2013

September - December Random Pictures

Sawyer loves eating big girl food!
She's our very own little puppy and eats up any leftovers she can find on the ground. Haha!

Kes is losing teeth right and left! She's rich! =)

They are such great helpers. The other day I walked outside and found them cleaning up the garage without being asked. What little sweeties! 

It seems like I the only time I pull the camera out is when she's sitting at the table! She's purty. 

Most of the time. Haha!

This little buddy is getting so big! He got quite the ouchie on his lip the day before his birthday. He loves to rough house and jump around like a maniac .

His tie is miniature. I can't decide if it's just because he is so tall or if the store did it that way on purpose!

He LOVES his little sis.

She's a weirdo. And that belly is to die for! 

Anika had to have her incisors removed. She thought it was super cool. Good thing she has the best dentist for a daddy ever!

Nathan took his oral boards in October (and passed!! WOOHOO!) and we went on a mini getaway to celebrate him being done and 10 years of marriage (a little late). It was a lovely weekend and we are so lucky that Nathan's dad was willing to come and watch the kids  for us. And do an awesome job at it!! We took a whopping TWO pictures. This goofy one:

And this one because our waiter made it special for us. We went to a fancy restaurant and it was blissful. Especially since this time I wasn't too nervous to ask for ketchup for my steak! =) 

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