Monday, April 01, 2013


We had a fun Halloween! Nathan and I got together with some of our favorite friends and had a costume party. We laughed A LOT. It was so much fun! 

Nathan was an 80's rock star and I was his groupie. =) 

Kim and Ken:

Audrey and Garron:

Who wins best costume?

The kids had a great Halloween too! Lot's of candy and all the usual traditional stuff. Like pumpkin carving!

Keslie was fancy Nancy one night. Sort of.=) Here she is with a head full of sponge rollers! Those brought back a lot of memories!

Here I am with my friend Heather at the ward Halloween party.

On the actual trick or treating night Kes dressed up as a witch. 
Brenan was Luke Skywalker, Sawyer was a mini-witch, and Anika was a vampire. 

The traditional candy sort!

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