Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Day of School

Anika - first day of 3rd grade.

Keslie - first day of first grade.

Grammy's 80th & AZ Trip

I was so lucky to take a trip to AZ with my littlest buddy in August! We had such a grand time. Nathan and I dropped the 3 older kids off at Mandi's on Tuesday night (what a superstar she is!) and then we headed to the airport. I had a bit of an anxiety attack. Airplanes and me don't mesh very well on a normal day so when lightning and rain get thrown into the mix...well, I'm pretty much a big ball of DOOMSDAYNESS (I'm good at inventing words!). There was some crazy rocking back and forth. Lots of hair pulling. A few tears. By the time we arrived at the airport I had pulled myself together though. That's the good thing about my brand of crazy. At least I can function and fake that I'm normal. Haha! My flight was delayed because of the rain and I was very grateful! Sawyer should have been so tired (it was 11 pm!) but she was chatty and squirmy and giggly. Haha! She fell asleep almost as soon as we took off though. I'm so lucky to have such good, little travelers!

 On Wednesday we met up with one of my favorite people/friends/cousins. Some of my best moments ever were spent with this girl! I got to meet Jett and Elle and they were to die for cute, of course. Sawyer and Jett had fun feeding each other their puffs. 

Oh, those rolls!! I just want to kiss and kiss that neck! She was so smiley and cute. =)

Much to Heidi's embarrassment, I asked the girls sitting next to us to snap a pic. I'm so glad I did. Now I will always remember our fun lunch at Costa Vida. Love you Heid! 

After lunch I hurried over to Ribbons and Lace and bought a bunch of ribbon because I had a bow making date with Jordan that afternoon. Then I booked it back over to the West's so that I could FINALLY meet little Miss Campbelloni! Look how adorable she is! 

The Soyster wouldn't hold still which is why she was blurry in every one of these pictures. Haha! 

I love Jordan and Marshall. We had a grand time making bows and then when Mom and Dad got home we swam and ate burgers. Perfect night. 

Thursday is kind of blur for me. We went and saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green and had dinner at Grammy's but I didn't take any pictures and can't remember details. My brain....
Carol and I went to lunch at Panda Express on Friday before she took off for Disneyland. I love her. I don't think anyone's in-laws are as great as mine. 

I ran over to Granny and Papa's for a minute before heading to Grammy's big 80th birthday shindig (the whole reason I was there!). Baby Brigham was there so he and Sawyer snuggled for a sweet minute. I'm pretty sure she rolled over and tried to grab his face as soon as this picture was taken though. Haha!

Grammy's 80th birthday celebration was at Top Shelf (a Kivett favorite for Mexican food). We had a huge room to ourselves and it was so great getting reacquainted with long lost relatives and friends. I can't say enough good things about everyone! Nicer people are probably not to be found. We are all a bunch of posers and these are just a bunch of pictures of everyone!

Kel's boys - Samuel and Isaac, Kensi, Hannah, Alyssa, and Baylie

Sam-way-lo and Isey-pies hamming it up. =) 

Me with a few of my siblings - Kensi, Joseph, and Alyssa

Juel, Renee, Aunt Jolee, and Me!

Aunt Mona, Juel, and Renee

Aunt Sharla and Grammy - they are the best of friends!

Mom and Me

Poor everyone that ever takes pictures with me. We always have to have an ugly shot. I usually make everyone else look so good though....=)

Grammy, Me, Mom, Tess, Baylie, Alyssa, Kensi, and Hannah

Hannah, Me, Dad, Baylie, and Derek

Aunt Sharla, Kens, and Me

Britt X 2

Me, Jamie, and Mom

See what I mean?!

Look at these beauty queens! Hannah Bo, K-Love, and Lyssa Lou. 

The Papparazzi =)

There she is! =)  Hi mom!

All of the Radcliffe siblings - Jolee, Arlene, Marilyn, Gerald, and Larry

Grammy was so happy to have all of her family there with her. It was such a great time! 

Kel and Aunt Jolee

Hurry - I need one too! Me with Aunt Jolee!

Oh! My yitto sisto Kelyn

My Granny and Papa came to the party too!

We are super cool. And Kel was being a creeper. =) 
Alyssa, me, Amber, and Kelyn

My sisters - some of the most amazing, hilarious, beautiful, kind girls you'll ever meet. I wish Carlie Bar had been there. 
Baylie Bob, Lyssa Lou, Coog, Britt Lee, Ambs, K-Love, T-Jazz, and Hannah Bo. 

There he is! Hello dear Dad of mine! 

Oh my gosh! I think I just realized where I get my amazing face-making skillzzzz! 

Dad and Kelyn

Kasey and Amber. And creeper Lyss.

Tess and Addison - this picture cracks me up! 

Don and Sharon's family. 

Dusty and Britt

The Hatch family

Derek and Tom

Derek, Juel, Sharla, Stan, Karin, Jamie, Renee, and Sharon

Salsa! Yummy yummy yummy!

Me and Kel

My cute littlest sister - Baylie!

Kim and Don

My favorite Papa, Grammy, and Hannah.

Tessa, Mom holding Sawyer, Amber, Kasey, and Addison. Sort of. 

Grammy through the years.

Grammy and Aunt Sharla arranged to have a cake to congratulate Dad on finishing his doctorate! Go Dad!! 

Happy 80th to an amazing woman. I want to be like her in every way. 

Grammy with the Chris and Stephanie and their adorable kids. 

I love you Grammy! I am so thankful I was able to be there to celebrate YOU!

Saturday was full of good-byes. First, we had brunch with Grammy's bunch. Then we ran over to Annie and Aaron's to say hello and good-bye to Randy, Shari, Alexis, and Bridgette. 

Sawyer loves Macy.

Sisters - Annie and Mom

Randy, Dad, and Aron

Alexis, Bridgette, and Aunt Shari

Next we headed over to Granny and Papa's to see a bunch of the Theabold clan. I got to meet Uncle B's new wife, Jennifer. They are so cute together - I'm very happy for him! I'm sure she is still adjusting to this families wonderful weirdness! Haha!

Cassidy, Nicole, Kristi, Me, Tessa, and Kelyn

Kensi, Uncle B, and Aunt Shaunna. My heart fills with happiness just seeing pictures of these people. I can always plan on laughing my head off when they are around! 

Kensi and Uncle B both point at things in the same goofy way! Here they are showing it off!

And then began the group fun! 
Garrett (Nicole's fiance) and Nicole, Aunt Kim, Kelyn, Tessa, Melissa, Me, and Melissa's new hubby -Lance.

Oh Uncle B. Is someone picking on you again?!! 

Uncle B took off and Kristi took his place!

Aunt Shaunna had to join in on the fun too!

A normal one of a bunch of some of the cousins that were there. Left to Right, Back to front:
Tatum, Brittney, Callie, Kelyn, Me, Alyssa, Amber, Ariel, Nicole, Tessa, Kensi, Melissa, Joseph, Kristi, Hannah, Kyle

Then we got weird again. 

Then Grannie and Papa joined us. 

I feel depressed that I don't get to see my Kivett and Theabold families more often. I'm not moving back to AZ so could everyone just uproot and move to TX?! Thanks - that would be great! I had so much fun in AZ and loved getting to see faces that I hadn't see in years! 

After Grannie and Papa's house I ran over to the West's to load up my stuff and say goodbye to Jordan, Marshall, and Campbell. Then I stopped by Paradise Bakery (I got to dine on it TWICE while I was there!) and headed to Annie and Aron's. We went swimming and chatted and played a new game that had me laughing SO hard I cried. Literally. Then I took off for the airport and headed home to my kids and my Nathan. 

Soybean and the Brigster

Aunt Brittney got Sawyer this cute dress so we had to take a picture of the two of them together!

Raylee, Annie (holding Brigham), Kensi, and Alyssa

Sawyer with Aunt Annie

Loving on my littlest nephew. 

Oh - I just want to SQUINCH him!! 

Now I am feeling withdrawals from everyone. Please come and visit! Pretty please with a cherry on the top! I love you all. =)