Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kivett Family Reunion - 2012

This is going to be one HUGE, colossal post! Could we have had more fun on this trip? Nope. Could the weather have been more perfect? Nope. Do I have the coolest family in the world? Yupper skeppers. No doubt about it! We were all together for the first time in a long time. We set off on our grand adventure right after Nathan got out of work on Friday afternoon and pulled into Rexburg just in time for dinner and helping Kelyn move into her cute, new condo.the next day. My kids are pro-travelers and we just drive straight through. It takes about 24 hours. Anika snuggled up with Aunt Ambs. Look at baby Brigham. Isn't he the cutest?!

The cousins got reacquainted really fast and immediately had a wrestling match to get all of their wiggles out.
 Then we had them line up and some of them smiled....
(Anika, Samuel, Brayton, Keslie, Isaac, Raylee, Brenan, and Logan) 

My family has always done this blanket toss thing. Now that it's my kids and not me getting tossed in the air I always feel a little nervous while it's happening. They get some serious height! They talked Kensi into doing it and tried to talk me into it - but I was just sure the blanket would rip on landing! 

We were so lucky to get to be there for Brigham's baby blessing. He is so precious and Kensi and Brett are both such amazing parents. 

Uncle Joseph loved Sawyer.

Anika made her some puppy ears and a tail. Haha!

On Monday we went to the splash pad. Here are Raylee and Logan braving the chilly water!

Words can't express how much I love this picture. Hannah got Kensi wet and I LOVE both of their faces!

Cute Lyssa Lou and Logalish.

Mom chillin'

My cute snuggle bugs.

Anika loves her aunties. 

I just think Alyssa is so darn cute!

That night we played outside in the beautiful weather. These clowns were all relaxing and calm but it never takes very long before everyone is a heap of wrestling bodies!

Uncle Brandon is so great with all the kids! They love him. Brenan likes to ask me when he will see his "big best friend who has a name like his". So cute! The kids would tackle him and then he'd pick them up and do the "back breaker". Haha!

Sawyer and Amber have a special bond. 

Anika and Grandma Kivett

Puzzle racing! Kelyn and I are pretty intense at this and we were about halfway through our puzzles and we look over at Dad and he was still working on the edge. All he said was "slow and steady wins the race". We died laughing. Not this time Dad. Haha!

Haha! Raylee is such a cute, little poser. She's going to be a famous rockstar someday. 

Here is the Logester - just chillaxin'.

Oh that mouth!! 

He's such a dude. 

Playing Annie I Over. We also played kickball - which has long been a dream of mine. =) 

Brayton and Brenan bonding over the ipad. 

Best friends. 

We made a HUGE water slide! It was a blast! 

Classic Anika face. Haha!


As you can see, we like to wrestle in this family. 

On the 4th of July we were up early and waiting for the parade to start. Here are the kids waiting for the candy to start flowing. =) 

Some of the group. 

Aunt Kelyn with Soybean

The 3 older girl cousins.

Samuel and Brayton

The boys (as in the grown men) thought it would be a fun idea to try throwing these ball rope things over the tree to each other. They made it a couple times and then it got caught. It was a brand new game and we needed it for the night festivities! Desperate times call for desperate measures. They all scoffed at my idea to get a ladder and have a bunch of people supporting it while someone climbed up. After trying everything else they finally conceded that mine was the best idea. 

Alyssa went up first but couldn't quite reach it. 

So, my brave husband stepped in. I think he was scared for his life the entire time though. 

Me, with my traditional red, white, and blue eye shadow. =) 

We found a snake in the back yard and everyone had fun playing with it. Anika LOVES snakes, frogs, bugs, and other disgusting things. She is forever getting on her soap box about the value of each bug's life. Who's kid is she?!! 

All I can do is laugh when I see this picture! What goofs. =)

Later that day we headed into Idaho Falls to watch the fireworks. We found an amazing spot. Shady, hills for the kids to play on and lots of lovely, green grass. It was just perfect. 
Look at these boy's faces!

Here are some pictures of the crew. 
Miss Lyss with Britt and Raylee in the background.

I can never catch Addison when he isn't getting a drink! Haha! Joseph, Tessa, and Hannah are the ones cheesing it up for me. 

Good thing we got those ball out of the tree! 
Dusty, Amber, Kensi, and Brett and the two babies. 

Mom and Carlie

There sure are a lot of girls in this family! Wished Kelyn had been there! 
Amber, Hannah, Tessa, Kensi, Me, Brittney, Carlie, Baylie, and Alyssa

Then we get laughing. 

And Amber thinks "why wouldn't I lay on top of everyone?!". I love that Hannah is pulling on Amber's toe. Haha! 

All the girls minus Kelyn, Keslie, and Raylee

I know - my outfit is weird. I was going for RED, WHITE, and BLUE. (My jeans were blue). 

Dad and Mom

Cute Kens with the Brigster. 

Keslie fell asleep on Grandpa. So sweet. 

My little beanie bug. 

We went bowling at Fat Cats.

Most of the grandkids in the suburban.

We had a great time rock climbing. Brandon, Addison, and Joseph do it as a hobby so they took us to a cool spot and helped us all get in our gear. It was a lot of fun!

Here is Brandon getting things ready at the top for us!

Joseph setting up another one.

Yeah - it looks like I'm doing a great job but I didn't make it very high AT ALL!! 

Mom has a knack for taking pictures that make it look like we are higher that we are. For example:

But here is where I actually was: 

Hahahaha! Kel climbed all the way to the top. Awesome! We also had a great time tossing frisbees and hanging out!

On Friday night we got all gussied up for family pictures. I took a couple while we waited for the photographer to show up. Here are my cuties:

Pretty Miss Raylee

Best buddies

Here is the entire Kivett family! 

Just the original 14

One with mom and dad and the grandkids. 

Right after pictures were over we loaded up and began the long drive home. I was so sad to be leaving. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, big, fun family!! I can't wait for the next family reunion! 


Susan said...

There are so many great pictures here! What an awesome reunion. I LOVE your patriotic eyeshadow :)

Charly said...

These pictures are so fun! That water slide is too cool!

Amber said...

Awesome post, beautiful eye shadow, incredible water slide, and an especially fantastic big family!