Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lindsay's Party

***Dad - maybe don't read this post....***

My friend Lindsay was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of last year and she has been such a champ throughout everything. She has such a great attitude and I know that her daughter Emma is going to be so blessed because of the example she's been. She wanted to have a "ta-ta to her ta-tas" party before her surgery and Emily and I don't like to disappoint! I realize that this type of party isn't for everyone with breast cancer, but it's what Miss Lindsay wanted!

Emily and Lindsay
Emily made a shirt for her to wear that said "Shhhh! Don't say anything...they don't know yet!" Lindsay and Emily were always coming up with crazy t-shirt ideas on our girl's nights!

 We played the "saggy boob" relay which had me belly laughing. 

We enjoyed the chocolate fountain and bruschetta and other delicious snacks. 

Shannon made this awesome cake. I about died laughing when I saw it. 
*Dad - did you ignore me and read anyway? Sorry...*

Janet, Lindsay, and Rachel

A couple group shots! Fun times! Love you Lindsay! 

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Charly said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!! Probably the best party idea ever! Haha. If I ever get breast cancer I'm calling you! Best wishes to your friend!