Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We Bought a House!

 It's true! We have finally graduated from the renting phase of our lives! Here is the front of our new home:

We love it so much and are having so much fun working on projects to make it "ours". I am painting my way around the house - the builders painted everything - trim, walls, moldings, and ceiling the same flat color. So, I've started with the floorboards and the moldings and will get to the walls next! I HATE painting doors. Haha! We are on 3/4 of an acre which is actually on the small side for where we are but still HUGE if you are trying to use a push mower. It took Nathan 4 hours to mow the front and back lawns so we quickly decided that a riding mower was a necessity. Nathan loves it. He likes to drive it around the yard even when it doesn't need to be mowed! =) He's been studying 24/7 since July for his upcoming oral boards but is looking forward to tackling our lawn! I have to admit - I will be sad to hand over the keys. It's pretty fun to mow the yard now! I bet I look goofy riding around with a big grin on my face! 

Anyway, we feel very blessed to be where we are. It's such a beautiful area, we got an awesome deal on the house, we love our neighborhood and new ward at church, the girls go to an excellent school, we've met so many wonderful people...we couldn't ask for more. =)


Macey said...

Love it! Well deserved after working hard. Enjoy!

Curtis and Kristy Hofmann said...

Oh my goodness it's gorgeous! It's like a picture out of a magazine. Good for you guys! How wonderful! :)

Nicole said...

It's so beautiful. It's like you're living my dream. I can't wait to settle down somewhere that will be home.

Susan said...

AWESOME house!! I got to use the rider mower when I was visiting my Grandma's farm this summer - and it WAS fun! Enjoy your new place :)