Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Group Dates & Double Dates

We love hanging out with friends and all of the kids but sometimes it's extra fun to go on "adults only" dates. We've gotten to hang with Steve and Mandi a lot since we are living the dream of being neighbors (sort of!).

Here we are for her big 3-0 birthday dinner! 

Cheesy?? A little - but honestly and truly - this girl is a gift to the world. Love her. 
And I'm so glad she has Steve who is so good to her.

I sure love this guy. 

We had some pretty epic dates with Emily and Matt before they so rudely left us for Florida. We miss them. 

 Here we are on our last date - we saw The Dark Knight rises and then laughed and laughed while eating sonic blasts in the car. =) 

WAY WAY WAY back in February we played laser tag with some super cool people.

Sydney and Steven (Rey) never fail to make us laugh! They are hilarious! They've since left us for Georgia. Hmmmm. Are we scaring people away?! 

I love this one of Matt and Emily!

I'm so grateful that I'm so photogenic otherwise I might never post pictures of myself! *snort*! Haha!
And we've got a creeper. 

Sydney is trying her darndest to find us but we blend into everything with our camo. Where are we?! 

Catelin and Micajah made it in time for our awesome group pics. 

BJ's pizookies afterwards. YUM!

We like to go out with Carol and Gary when they come to visit. One of our favorite places with them is Texas Roadhouse. 

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Sydny said...

Gaahh, I miss you guys! We had so much fun that night