Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lots of Summer Pictures

This is just a mish mesh of pictures from this summer. One of Anika's favorite things to do is catch cute, little frogs. They are all over the place out here! This one she named after Grandpa Kivett - Stanley the frog. 

Fun visits from Granana and Papa! We always like to have a movie party. =) 

Here are the girls with their swim instructors. I can't remember their names but they were super nice!

One last park day before Emily and the boys took off for Florida

Brenan and Gavin are such good buddies.

Matthew and Anika 

We should have taken the pictures at the beginning...haha!

Waiting ever so patiently for the cookies. 

Fun hangouts at Mandi's house

Dinner with Nathan's Aunt and Uncle - Allen and Julene and his cousin Adam. It was my first time to meet them and I thought they were great! We had a great time and wished it had been longer. 

More pictures from our Seaworld trip:

Keeping her mama cooled off. Thanks Anika!

I sure love my little buddy. 

Sawyer loves him a lot too. 

We had a little garden snake come for a visit. It fell from above and almost landed on Nathan. You should have seen him high tail it out of there! SO funny!! 

Sawyer's first time standing in her crib was not pleasant. She was GRUMPY because she couldn't figure out how to sit down! 

I love how she's just looking in and grinning!

Our new area has awesome tag sales! I had told my poor children that maybe it was time to give up on their dream of having a power wheels. But I found this beauty for $5 and then I bought a new battery for $25. SWEET! 

Then, the very next Saturday, Keslie and I found this one on the side of the road with a big FREE sign on it. We giddily loaded it into the back of the van. I thought for sure it wouldn't work or wouldn't come with a battery but I was wrong on both accounts! Now we have two working power wheels and the kids have a blast driving around! I'm living vicariously through them. I always dreamed of driving one of these bad boys to school when I was a kid. =)

This is kind of a blurry picture but it's a scene from the drive to our house. Every time I drive home I feel so happy to be where we are. I just think it's beautiful! 

Mandi blowing out her candles on the "cake". Haha! 

Kes and I went and got our nails done. =) 

Dad cruising around on Nathan's new wheels!

It was such a great summer - hot, but great. I was very sad to see it end. =(

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