Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm such a SLACKER!!

We've had such an eventful couple of weeks and I have totally dropped the ball with blogging. I can't even remember all the things I wanted to write about! I know. All of you are probably breathing a great BIG sigh of relief because you won't have to read about every little detail. =) Really - I'm sorry I do that. =)

We had a GREAT day yesterday! We took the girls out to Rose's Berry Farm in Glastonbury to pick blueberries! It was SO fun. I'm glad we had such a great experience because we went berry picking for playgroup last Thursday and I have to say that it wasn't much fun for me. =) At the very beginning Keslie lost one of her shoes. I spent the entire time looking for it. Sheesh! It shouldn't be hard to locate a bright pink shoe!! I never did find it. I also didn't like the pickin' patch as much because it just didn't feel as well kept. There was netting all over the walking area and the grass and weeds were two feet high! At Rose's Berry farm everything was so beautiful and the blueberries were HUGE! AND we got to ride a fun wagon to the blueberry bushes. Keslie and Anika both got their own buckets. I think more berries ended up in their bellies than in the bucket!

This is at playgroup - before the mysterious disappearance of her shoe.

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We went to a couple tag sales on the way and HIT THE JACKPOT at one of them! We spent $17 and now the girls are almost totally decked out for Christmas presents. I know - how pathetic are we? But the girls don't notice if they get used things and everything was in awesome condition.

Anika paid her tithing for the first time today! She had a WHOLE quarter to give. =) I think we are going to start having her do a couple chores and giving her an allowance of 10 cents a day if she gets them done (with a happy attitude). I think it will motivate her! She LOVES putting money in her piggy bank.

We tried a new mexican restaraunt last night! It is called Coyote Flaco. It was really yummy! I was glad to find out that there ARE a couple Mexican places around here!

I never let you know what we thought of THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. Better late than never - right? We loved it! At first we were worried that it was going to be really wobbly and all over the place like the second one was. Luckily it got better and the camera man learned how to hold his hand still! We thought it was great! I wouldn't recommend it if you hate any violence. Nathan and I LOVE violence. Haha! I'm just kidding - but we did feel kind of stupid when we couldn't stop smiling during a couple of the fight scenes. HELLO - Jason Bourne really knows his stuff! The audience was cheering! =)

Anyway - I'll quit boring you! Happy Sunday! Here are some pics from this morning. The girls looked so darn cute!

I did this ALL day!


lnkmom said...

I wish we could have made it to the "pickin patch". The girls did look so cute today! It's the craziest thing, we took some pics before church today too!

Brittney said...

Ok What is the deal with you looking absolutely beautiful in all your pics??????!!!!!!!!!! YOu have on the cutest outfits and you are just looking awesome! I am very very jealous. Man alive I love being jealous of all my sisters! Not! But Anika and Kes look soo flipping cute too. I miss you and love you talk to you lata.

Kimberly said...

That picking patch sounds like tons of fun. And way cute pictures of your girls! They are beautiful, just like their mama!!

Jenny Richins said...

thanks for posting. you looks so great. i love your hair in those pictures! you really look great with darker hair.
berry picking sounds fun!
the bourne ultimatum is great! we are SO hooked on all the series, even though we watched them over and over again. please post more. i love reading your blog!

riggsfam said...

The girls look like they are ready for Easter morning! The blueberry picking looks like such a great family activity! Have you ever read the book Blueberries for Sal? If not, you should read it to the girls!