Monday, August 13, 2007

Craft Day

Today we finished up our craft from last week! The girl's each painted a clay pot. We are going to put some soil in them and stick them outside and they will be able to put all of their special stuff in them. They love to collect rocks and leaves and bugs and I think they will like having a fun place to put everything! I got the idea from Family Fun magazine. It is the BEST magazine EVER! There are so many cute ideas. I would definitely recommend getting a subscription!

I found a locust skin today. If I had a clay pot, I would TOTALLY be putting it in there! Kelyn and I used to collect those by the dozens when we were kids. Anika and Keslie wanted nothing to do with it!

Here they are in action and afterwards:


riggsfam said...

Fun, fun craft idea!

Susan said...

Your kids are just so darn cute! And Keslie's hair is just to die for!

Summers Camp said...

I think you are the world's best mom! I need help.

Brendon said...

The girls are gorgeous as usual!!! Thanks again Brit for stopping by and waking me up in the middle of the night as you drove RIGHT past my house!!!