Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm "SO IN LOVE" with these kids of mine...

"So in love" is Anika's new phrase and it is SO DANG CUTE! This morning she and Nathan were talking about her new school clothes at breakfast and she told Nathan that she is SO IN LOVE with her new kitty shirt because it's soooo cute! She cracks me up! =) I can't believe she is starting kindergarten in ONE MONTH!

I am SO IN LOVE with my Nutrimill!

I am SO IN LOVE with fresh whole wheat flour! I am SO IN LOVE with baking with my girls (and my bosch)!

I am SO IN LOVE with using beans in my recipes instead of oil!
I am SO IN LOVE with this banana bread recipe! I've tried it a couple times now and the first time it was good but this last time it was DIVINE. AND HEALTHY to boot!!

Good for you Banana Bread

3-4 ripe bananas, mashed
1 1/4 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2/3 cup plain yogurt or applesauce (I used yogurt this last time)
1/3 cup pureed white beans
1tsp vanilla
2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1tsp. baking soda
1tsp. salt
1 cup chopped pecans (optional)
1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray 2 8 inch loaf pans or 4 mini loaf pans with cooking spray.
Mix the first 6 ingredients together until blended. Add the remaining ingredients and mix. Pour into pans. I baked the mini loafs for about 40 minutes. The larger loaves should be done in about 50 minutes. The 3 of us girls devoured the four loaves right away! We are such piggies!

Here is a picture of Brenan and me. He's been a little grouch these past few days...
which is why I am SO IN LOVE with these things:
I despise teething. Nathan informed me that (according to one of his pedo professors at UCONN) there is nothing that proves teething causes: fussiness, drooling, runny noses, diahhrea, or fever.

Anyway, it should be a fun day today! We get to go swimming! =) We are having a great time here in Texas! I'm so excited for winter - if it's anything like AZ (I've heard it is!) the weather will be fabulous at that time of year! I've been doing a little research on different states. I love Texas but I really, REALLY love trees and green! We want to seettle somewhere in the west to be closer to family. We don't want to live somewhere that is cold from September - May - which I think rules out Idaho and Colorado. Utah and California are no's. Utah - too many dentists. California - too expensive. AZ and Texas are super close to family but aren't as green as I would like and there aren't as many outdoorsy things to do. I guess we could go camping but I have NO desire to go when there are FIRE ANTS and SCORPIONS and it is SCORCHING hot! What about Flagstaff? Is it still a tiny, little town or is it starting to develop? Those of you that live in WASHINGTON and OREGON - are there any areas that are not cloud covered the whole year? How cold does it get? How much snow/rain? How do you like living there? What about Colorado? We've heard Fort Collins is great from several people but that it stays cold all the way through May. Thanks for the tips!

Have a great Thursday!


Minharos said...

We share so many of the same loves- I love my bosch and wheat grinder, and I've been experimenting with the bean substitution. Macey even has the same shirt as Anika! If only Adeline would use those pacifiers then we'd be twins.

Amy said...

Sounds like you need a spreadsheet! I will have to try your recipe, lots awesome. I am totally with you on the grinder thing. I made pumpernickel bread today. There is just something about making your own flour.

Kim said...

The banana bread looks appetizing.....except for the nuts...they ruin any baked good in my opinion. I like nuts, just not baked in things, go figure.

Of all the places you listed, Flag sounds like it's closest to what you are looking for. Oregon and Washinton are just too rainy...that spells gloomy to me, but they are beautiful states.

Jared, Sarah & Bryon said...

I LOVE looking at your BLOG you always have the cutest things to say. I read this one and you put smile on my face:) We miss you guys, I hope you guys are liking it in Texas, and living so close to Brooke and Scott. We Love you guys.

LJAandB said...

I will have to try using beans, what a great idea! We are always having the same problem with deciding where to live and we really love Colorado. It's so beautiful and you have to remember that the cold isn't like Conn. cold because it's SUNNY a lot of the time and not so humid. There's my 2 cents. Oregon and Wash. are super rainy and cloudy near the coast. (but honestly you're used to that now, right!??!)oh, and we'll be in san antonio for some of christmas will you be there at all?

Amber said...

I loved the post! I so want a new grinder like yours mine is old and falling apart. I can't wait to try your banana bread recipe.

Heidi Ann said...

It's quite obvious his "smart" professor NEVER had children! Doofus. Look at you being all healthy. Feeling guilty for all the ice cream I know you can devour? One day I'd very much like a nutrimill, I'm jealous of you and Mandy for having one! Glad to see you are enjoying your new home. As usual, your children and DARLING! Miss you!

Nielson Family said...

Oh my goodness- Your kids are SO dang cute! Your white bean cooking...geneous! How does that ratio work? You're a cute Mommy! My husband served his mission in Texas. He'd love to live there. I decided I need a BOSCH!

Bryan said...

We're likely moving to Washington next year. We've got a lot of friends there and they love it. The Tri-cities area is very dry with lots of sun, and little rainfall. The rest of the state gets a lot of rain, and has a lot of grey skies. Still, it's green, people are nice, etc. Spokane is great. You guys should check out

Kimberly said...

Hey! It was so awesome to run into you the other day! Talk about a small world! Your girls are even cuter in person. I'll have to try your banana bread recipe, they looked so yummy! Great pictures.

Lindsay Riggs said...

Hey, Brittanie-

Do you use the white beans in everything instead of oil? How do you know how much to use? I'm totally interested in taking this up!