Monday, July 13, 2009

We had an awesome time with Mom and Dad West and the Gordon's this past weekend!
On Friday night we watched Galaxy Quest - always a winner! =) Then on Saturday the kids played with Nana and Papa while we went to the Temple. I love the San Antonio temple - it's beautiful and I loved being there! We all headed to Olive Garden after that - it hit the spot SO much! Then we went to Seaworld for a couple hours. We had enough time to ride Atlantis and catch the Shamu show! The kids were WASTED by the end but it was a blast! On Sunday we said our good-byes - we dropped Dad West off at the airport and then headed up to Austin for dinner and to drop Mom West off. Thanks for the fun weekend guys! We love you!

Walking back to the car after the Shamu show

The gang waiting to see Shamu!

Poor baby! He was SO sleepy!


Macey Kay said...

You sure know how to pack it in-what a blast!

lnkmom said...

Sea World? I'm jealous!

Oh, and a temple close by? Don't even get me started! Texas must be great!

The Allen's said...

sounds fun. can't wait to bring my kids to seaworld. anika looks so big and grown up in that last picture.

Amy said...

Who knew Texas had a Sea World?
Sounds like fun!