Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Big stuff happening over here!

Brenan got his first tooth last Monday - June 29th! He also started scooting last week! Go Brenan! He'll take off crawling any day now!

Show everyone your toofer Bren!!

Nathan got a massive sunburn - this picture only shows a tiny part of it
His upper legs were scorched! Poor guy! Nathan and Scott floated down the river and FORGOT sunscreen! They stopped at a gas station to get some and all that was available was 15 SPF! Anyway - the consequences were dire indeed. Some good came from the whole thing though! I have NEVER, never peeled such cool skin! I always thought the best sunburns to peel were the kind on the shoulders and back. I was mistaken. Legs take the cake!! It was a big day for Anika to say the least. She's her mother's child - that's for sure. =) Besides peeling Nathan's sunburn, Anika had a couple other important childhood experiences this past weekend.

She caught her first lizard! Meet Buzzy! She set him free before bed (her own decision) but woke up later that night sobbing because she missed him. She has such a tender heart.

Which brings me to her next big experience! She watched HEIDI for her first time on Sunday. Poor little thing. Every time Grandfather rejected Heidi Anika's little chin would start quivering. Such a good (long! Who knew it was so long?!!) movie!

AND of course we had all the 4th of July festivities! Nathan taught the girls about caring for the flag and the girls wanted to listen to Lee Greenwoods - I'm Proud to Be an American song over and over! We went to a little neighborhood parade in the morning. We decided to watch rather than be in it - my back was having issues again this weekend! Then that evening we had some friends over for a BBQ! We had a great time and the kids loved the poppers! That's about as crazy as we could get out here because I'm pretty sure anything with sparks would have set our backyard on fire! The grass is pretty much DEAD. I'm grateful that it rained a little bit last night! Maybe we will see some more of it! After the BBQ we headed off to see some fireworks! We had a great 4th. I feel so blessed to live in our country!

At the parade!
This is my version of the Family Fun hats! I couldn't find any red, white and blue bendy straws. Heidi - where did you find them?! Anyway - we liked this version too! The girls would wiggle their hats for the parade marchers in hopes of getting candy!

The girls love little Miss Hallie!

Throwing poppers with Hallie and Landon.
We found Brenan just chillin' right here. He wasn't complaining or anything. I don't think it looks very cozy!
Nathan with Aaron, Aaron and Lucas! I just cant bring myself to post the picture with the girls. Heather and Sandy are beauty queens - I'm not sure what was going on with me! =)


Amber said...

What an awesome weekend. Especially peeling his legs. What a treat =).

Macey Kay said...

Cute family Brit! I love your 4th celebrations

Heidi Ann said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend! Are you loving, liking, tolerating Texas? Then again, you're the kind of gal that seems to be happy anywhere, that's such a great quality! For future reference I get them at Pary City. Ours were fabulous this year except neither of my sweet, obedient children would wear theres!!! Your kids are looking darling as usual. Miss you!!

The O'Briens said...

Okay Brittanie...I found your blog! And yes, thanks for not posting that picture :0.Hunckback of notre dame is all I have to say! Thanks for the fun day! Hallie adores your girls.

Hillary said...

HI WEST'S!! Just wanted to say hi!! I read your post about the bugs in your house and we have the SAME ones: little ants, roaches, and potato bugs!! YUCK! Must be a Texas/Oklahoma thing. The roach thing is especially disturbing... When I pick something up from off the floor one will scurry out!!! YUCK! We are clean people and this is a brand new house!! Seriously.. I feel for you. Your house looks awesome!! Miss you guys!