Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Our Very Own D.M.D.!!!

I am so unbelievably proud of Nathan!

He officially graduated from dental school on May 17th (best anniversary present EVER!). We've had quite the whirlwind month and I decided that today is the day to play catch up. =) Nathan has worked so hard and it was great to spend the weekend celebrating all that he (and the other graduates) have accomplished these past 4 years. Nathan's parents came to CT to attend the graduation and I know it meant a lot to Nathan to have them there. Hilda and Saul were also able to come and support him. We love them and already miss them so much! The graduation itself actually wasn't as long as I thought it would be and some of the speakers were quite entertaining! It was a crazy weekend! We had a different graduation festivity to attend each day - there was a formal dinner, a brunch, and then finally, graduation. We also had to finish cleaning our house, eat at some of our favorite places one more time, and say goodbye to our dear friends. We had loaded up the truck the Thursday before so at least we weren't having to think about that! Anyway - here are some pictures from graduation weekend!

Nathan walking up the aisle after graduating - I can't believe he's a dentist!

Gary, Carol, Brenan, and Dr. West
Here he is with Hilda and Saul - our adopted CT grandparents.
We caught a few of his professors:
Dr. Nichols and Nathan

Nathan with Dr. Arteaga
Dr. Goupil and Nathan

We took so many pictures of Nathan with his classmates - it was hard to decide which to include! Here are a few of Nathan's best buddies from school:

Jake, Marissa, and Ryan
Hisham and Nathan

One with all of us! Hisham's wife, Rania, graduated from medical school the same day!

Nathan and Maureen

Nathan, Emily, and Lauren
Nathan and Kyle
Jenni, Me, and Hillary
May 17th was also our 7th anniversary! I love Nathan so much! Being married is so fun - especially when it's to your best friend.


Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

Congrats to Nathan! And, I love your brown hair, so cute.

Traci said...

Congrats!! That is VERY exciting!

Mom said...

That is so exciting! Way to go Nathan! Those are good pictures! That's neat that you got some with friends and professors! Glad you got moved ok! Love, Aunt Nancy

Tim and Amy said...

fun! congrats nathan. and brenan is getting so big! hope TX is treating you guys well and everything is going smoothly!

Mandi said...

What a proud moment! I am so proud of Nathan! Graduating dental school is a HUGE deal! Tell him congrats from the Soter's! I wish we could have been there to support! I love your black dress at the bottom by the way! You are beautiful! Love you!

Kim said...

That is so great, Congratulations Nathan. I'll bet now that you look back on it the past 4 years have gone pretty fast....here's hoping the next two will go fast as well.

Bryan said...

Congrats Nate! That's an awesome accomplishment. Now for the big money!

Renae said...

Congratulations to the West Family!!! We are happy for all of you!!! Great work Nathan!!! You will be rewarded in the years to come for working on your goals. What a beautiful FAMILY! We loved all the smiles. G&G

Brooke said...

Where's Dr. Bona???

Brooke said...

Where's Dr. Bona???

Summers Camp said...


Skinners said...

Woohoo! We have one more to go! Congrats to Nathan! That is awesome! Also, I have been searching through your book blog and need some advice. I'm wanting some classics, intrigue, something to make my mind go past ABC's and 123's and make me think a little. Any suggestions?

Paola said...

Hey! It's me doing my lame-o quarterly blog visits :). You guys have so much to be proud of! It's a wonderful feeling to accomplish that! And it really is a FAMILIY effort, isn't it? You all look great. It's fun to catch up!

So my baby is due any week now! So excited! :) Hope to hear from you soon! Later!