Saturday, June 20, 2009


We made it to Texas a MONTH ago and I still haven't posted about the great times we had on the way! The kids were amazing! The girls just played in the backseat while Brenan just sat happily between them. They only watched a few movies and the fighting was very minimal! We started in CT and then went through NY, NJ, DE, MD, Washington D.C., VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, and then finally TX! I think we drove through some of the most beautiful states in the US. We made a few stops on the way:

We stopped at Sumer and Richard's house first. They were awesome as usual! I was pretty much exhausted and then had one of my lovely allergy attacks so my personality wasn't very winning at that point. =) We did have a great time though - we went into Washington D.C. for a few hours and it was really fun to see a few of the amazing things they have there. I really want to go back sans kids, allergies, and tiredness. =)

Nathan and Richard touching the top of the Washington Monument!

You can see the White house in the distance!

Sumer and Me in front of Abe Lincoln!
We stayed one night there and then took off the next night around 9 pm. We drove through the night and the kids slept the ENTIRE time. I highly recommend doing this! As we got closer and closer to Orlando it started POURING!! Oh no! The plan was to go to Disneyworld the next day! This was not the kind of rain that is still bearable with a poncho. It would have been a miserable day if it had kept up! We were SO lucky - a few sprinkles the next day - that was it! We couldn't have asked for better! We stayed at Pop Century resort - we loved Baloo and Mogli. =)

Disney World was a blast!! We spent the day at Magic Kingdom and we were in heaven. The only thing I would have changed was the stroller! We didn't have room in our car for our own so we rented one. I'll never do that again! In a real stroller the kids could have taken naps and gone a little longer. As it was we were all done around dinner time so we headed back to the hotel. It was a fabulous day!

We stayed in Baton Rouge the next night and then headed to Texas! It was great to finally show Nathan and the girls the home I had been telling them about and it's so nice to be unpacked! Plus we got our minivan! Happy day!!


Amber said...

What an awesome trip to TX. I am jealous that you got to go to Disney World. I have been wanting to go to a theme park for years! Your kids are adorable and Brittanie you seriously look amazing!

Susan said...

Oh what a great trip! I LOVE Disneyworld! I've only been once back when I was in H.S. and it was amazing. Someday I want to go back with the family and spent like a week there. There's so much to do. I want to see pics of your place in TX!

The Allen's said...

the house, the van, i want pictures of those next beauty.

Brittney said...

Shut up you got your van?! What did you end up getting? Why dont we ever call eachother:( K and where are the pics of the house? I want to see sooooooooo bad!!!!! If you dont want to post any yet send them to my email then. I want to see. I dont care if it isnt decorated yet:) P.s Brenan is so flipping cute! I do want to squeeze him!!! Love you sis and it sounds like you guys are doing fabulous!!!!

Tim and Amy said...

fun. sounds like a fabulous road trip! glad the kids behaved so well... sorry your allergies didn't!

The Richins Family said...

wow, that seems like a long trip. i am glad your kids did so well. disney world looks fun, never been. glad you are safe.