Sunday, December 08, 2013

Keslie's 8th Birthday

My Keslie girl turned EIGHT!! What?!! This was a party year for her so we chose a spa theme. I didn't take any pictures of the craft they did - spa flip flops and eye masks. They were super fun! After the craft they did strawberry lemon facials. Some of them loved it and some thought it was super gross! 

Then the girls headed to the livingroom for relaxing pedicures. They each got a peppermint tea foot soak, a pedicure kit and some nail polish. My friend Caren and her daughters helped Anika and I give the pedicures. I was lucky to have helpers! I never would have made it through all those little feet! 

Next we did cake and ate yummy food! This would be my fanciest cake to date. Haha!

Snapped a few pictures while waiting for parents. It was a fun party! Keslie declared it the best party ever! 

Keslie with Riley and Sister Jennings. Caren is seriously my angel on earth. She is one of those rare people that is always giving and looking for ways to help others. I love her dearly. 

For Keslie's birthday breakfast she chose mini boxes and Froot Loops. The kids were in love with those little boxes and saved them for their "stories".

Sawyer loved her Froot Loops too!

Brenan colored Kes a picture and Anika gave her a Fruit by the Foot. 

She loves her cute outfit from Sister Jennings. 

Happy birthday sweet girl! We all love you so much! 
A few things about Kes. She:
* Loves reading
* Loves playing stories with Anika
* Loves "apocatos" - avocados
* Is excited to get baptized.
* Loves to play games
* Loves cart wheeling and dancing.
* Has a very LOUD screech! Haha! 
* She loves to make others feel loved. 

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