Sunday, December 08, 2013

Family Vacation October 2013 - Part 1

When Kelyn married Morgan we were all so happy for her to have found someone wonderful who deserves her and will treat her right. A side benefit for the family is that he works at Disney World! They literally live at Disney World!! Check it out - we had to take this picture because how cool is it that their home is on Disney World property?! =) We drove straight through the night - so we left in the afternoon on Friday and got to their house mid morning on Saturday. That's how we roll! Sawyer took a nap and when we went in to get her we saw that she had managed to find a marker in the dresser drawer that she could reach. She colored all over herself and the walls. Thank goodness they were under construction and planning to paint! 

On Saturday afternoon, Kelyn and Morgan took us to the Polynesian resort so that we could use their awesome swimming pools and slides. It was great! They even had a little beach! 

We met some people from CT and had fun talking to them about one of our favorite places! 

 On Sunday we went to church with Kelyn and Morgan and then headed to Cocoa Beach to stay with some of our best friends for the night! We love the Durkoviches!! We ate delicious food, the kids played, we watched a hilarious movie - it was great! The next morning we headed to the beach! The kids had so much fun body surfing and building sand castles. 
Look at Sawyer's cute, little legs! 

Bren was crazy! He was karate chopping the waves. It was hilarious! 

Cute Mr. Gavin - Bren's buddy.

Carson - Sawyer and him weren't sure what to think of each other. Someday...

Making a sand angel.

So proud of their HUGE hole!

Love you guys!! Thanks for letting us come stay! 

 When we got back to Kel and Morgan's the kids finally got to meet their new cousins! They played a card game and quickly warmed up to each other. It was fun to have Morgan to pow wow with about the parks. He told us where to go first for fast passes and which shows to see and which to skip. We had our whole day at Hollywood Studios all planned out by the time we went to bed that night. 

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