Sunday, December 08, 2013

October Randoms

A cute one of Sawyer ( even if she does have crazy hair!)

One of my favorite friends, Caren, bought us "carlashes. Look closely! They are super cute. Unfortunately they only lasted a week before the wind made them look all skeewompus. 

Lining up the cars

Someone gave us a free piano. When Nathan went to pick it up with some of our friends the heavens opened and it rained like crazy all over the piano. It smelled musty and the keys were all messed up and we weren't sure if we'd be able to get it working. We haven't tuned it yet but the keys are better and I refinished it. The inside is pretty rusted so we'll see. I still need to get a piano bench. Anyway. here is a picture showing the piano before and also the room before we finished it. Originally it was a solid wall - no wainscoting - but we wanted to fancy it up a bit. Hated the darker color for that room so we repainted it AGAIN and now I love love love it. The piano isn't all the way done - I still need to do one more layer of paint and wax it. 

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Charly said...

The wall and the piano look incredible! Great job!!!