Sunday, December 08, 2013

Amber, Kensi, Tessa, and Kelyn's TX Visit

August was a pretty great month for me! Right after I got home from Florida, four of my sisters came and stayed! I felt so lucky to have them in my home. We got out a little bit but a big hunk of the time was spent playing games (a lot of Dr. Mario!), putting together a puzzle, watching shows (we introduced them to The Neighbors), loving on babies, and hanging out outside. It was lovely!

A few of our outings included swimming in my friend's neighborhood pool, visiting Granbury Beach, a girl's night out to celebrate Kel's birthday at On the Border, shopping, church, and a concert.

Kelyn missed out on experiencing Granbury's very own homemade beach! After having just been to the real thing this felt pretty pathetic. And kind of dirty. But, it was a good time anyway! =)

Amber and Ryker

Kes building a sandcastle


Kens and Brigham and Ambs and Ryker

Sweet Sawyer

Kelyn was the last to arrive. She walked in the door loaded with presents for everyone and then we got ready for our girl's night out! 

Chip faces!

This is in reference to The Neighbors handshake. We are dorks. =)

The day before Amber left we did a lot of hanging out. We made bagels and bread and got busy on our puzzle. We played outside, sang happy birthday to Kelyn, played Quelf and tried to pull an all nighter. Amber's flight was crazy early in the morning so we wanted to just stay up and milk all the time we had with her and then go to IHOP before taking her to the airport. We all got a little sleepy toward this end but most of us made it! Here are lots of random pics from that day! 

Amber being a cute auntie.

Haha! Ryker's face is so squishy cute! 

Making bread and bagels!

Beautiful day outside. Who cares if we all looked a little ghetto. 

Baby feet and hands pretty much do me in. 

Happy 29th sweet sister of mine! 

Quelf is a funny game! Haha!

Being extra dramatic about their exhaustion. =) Nice eyes, T! 

At IHOP (minus Kensi). This was a very sad goodbye! I was not ready to send her back to Washington. It was a blissful week getting to have her!!

Three cuties - I'm not sure if they were just hanging out of if Anika was in time out so the littles were comforting her. =)

Oh! Little Brig! Cute boy. 

Friday night was amazing!! As you can see we were pretty excited to be going to see our Backstreet Boys! Kelyn and I went to a Backstreet Boys concert back when we were teeny boppers! This was a dream come true to get to go again! 

Screaming our heads off and singing and dancing! SO MUCH FUN! 

Oh yeah. They've still got the moves. I think this was when they say "I Want it That Way".

Singing Madeleine. They did a couple encores and still hadn't sung Larger Than Life and to say I was let down is an understatement. =) Haha! But everyone kept screaming and out they came again and what did they sing?! You guessed it! Larger Than Life was the very last song of the night and it was awesome! Best night ever. 

We totally bought $10 shirts outside from a very suspicious fella. But $10 is WAY better than $40!!

Lots more hanging out pics! Brigham was not loving this car ride! 

What is that wasp nest?! Holy cow. 

Handsome little man! 

Oh, hello Rapunzel. 

It might be a ghetto power wheel but it can haul a lot of kids! 

She loves cruising around and always feels so proud about it!

Bren has a serious love for babies. Here is is with his Ryk-a-lyk. Ryk a lyk we like a Ryk! 

Anika, Tess, and Ryker

Kens and Soy

Kel and Soy

Doing a quick dental check on Brigham. Looking good! 

Girls, I just want you to know that it meant soooo much to me that all of you came to visit! Thank you so much for making it happen! I love you!

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