Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bunny Sick

We found out that Anika is very allergic to bunnies! Yesterday at playgroup she was sneezing like crazy and then as we were leaving she stopped to feed the bunny. That's when her eyes started to get red and watery. By the time were in the car her eye had tons of little mosquito bite looking bumps all around it!! She was miserable!! In the car she told me that she still liked bunnies because they are really cute and soft. A few minutes later when we were upstairs in the kitches and she could barely keep her eye open she said "I don't like bunnies anymore!! I just like penguins. Penguins are my favorite cause they don't make me sick." I don't think a penguin would enjoy living in Texas though! =) I tried to get a picture of all her bumps and they just aren't showing up in the pictures!! Oh well. Here is my "bunny sick" little girl!!

The bumps are gone today but her eye is still super puffy!

Brenan is sleeping the entire night!! 7 pm - 7Am!! He's such a sweet little guy!


AASKH said...

Sorry about Anika and the bunnies! That is so sad. I can't believe your little one is sleeping 12 hours! Not fair! We still do about 7-8! You are so lucky! :0)

lnkmom said...

Aw, that's just too sad... my kids would be crushed if they were allergic to bunnies.

Mr. B has the best smile! I can't believe he is sleeping through the night!

Kimberly said...

Ouch, sorry that the bunny made her sick. Your little man has the cutest smile though! And you're way lucky to have him sleeping through the night!! Yeah for sleep!

Kim said...

Oh that poor little girlie. She looks so miserable in that first picture.

Brennen....what a doll baby!

Amy and David said...

Oh, that is such a sad picture. I like penguins too!
What a little champ to sleep through the night!

Sarah said...

Aww, poor little girl. Allergic reactions totally whomp.
That's interesting that she's allergic to bunnies. Normally it's cats and dogs.
Well, I'm glad she's feeling better.
And your whole fam is gorgeous.

Mandi said...

I'm so sorry about Anika and the bumps. Nicholas looks like he could be her twin whenever he holds cats. Not a good situation! Look on the bright side, you will never have to be the hero and buy your girls a bunny. It's the best excuse for why I don't have to ever own a dreaded cat! About Brenan, can I just tell you that I am a little bit more than jealous about his sleeping patterns at night!!! Thomas was so close, and then came the beast they call RSV. Now we are back to 2 am and 6am instead of 5am and then 7. Oh well, it gets better. He sure is a smiley, beautiful, handsome little chubby thing that I can't wait to squeeze! I love you!!!!!!!!

LJAandB said...

Poor girl! I have had the same thing happen, with horses mainly but usually it's any animal for me. (especially if hay is involved). They have this great children's claritin that works great. Also, a nice cold wet rag on the eyes feels really good when they are swollen!

Minharos said...

That stinks for Anika. I can totally relate- I used to get hives from my teacher's guinea pig and Burger King's french fries. Wierd, I know.

I still can't believe how big your baby is! Enjoy those nights for the rest of us.

The Johnson Fam said...

Hey you!! your kidos are so adorable--absolutly. I'm sorry, but those "bunny sick" eyes are so adorable also. At least now we know!! I'll have to get rid of my bunnies before you come to visit. By the way--In all my travels, San Antonio, Texas has been one of my favorites. Love you lots and lots.

Aunt Rhondy