Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why Mr. Groundhog??? WHY?!!

He just had to see his shadow. Has he ever NOT seen his shadow?? I wish it could be spring RIGHT NOW. I want to enjoy these last 4 months of my time in CT! As it is, I am LONGING to leave. I'm so stir crazy and tired of being in my house. I actually started packing last week. I got through 6 boxes before I decided it would be better to wait awhile. We've all been sick so it's not even like I can take the kids to a museum or playgroup or the library. Oh well. At least I have awesome kids! I think I'm the only one that has cabin fever. The girls are happy as can be to putz around playing together all day! Alright - I'm done whining!

Anika decided to play photographer the other day. I think every one of her toys has been photographed! She did stop to take a couple pictures of Bren, Kes, and herself. Since I haven't taken ANY pictures lately, I'll use the ones that she took!

Brenan has a ton of nicknames - most of them given by Keslie. I wanted to get them all down before I forget them!

Brennie boy
Bren Bren
Nennie boy

Okay - now I'm blanking. I'll have to write them down as Keslie makes them up. She is queen of nicknames!

Happy February!!


LJAandB said...

I remember feeling that way my last year in CT. Next year you won't be having those hating winter feelings though!! I hope the groundhog was wrong.

lnkmom said...

Isn't it wonderful! I just love Jan/Feb here... they joy never ends!

Heck, I feel like packing some boxes too & I'm not even moving!

Love the pics and the little man's names, too cute!

Lea said...

I am ready for the warm weather too! We were spoiled with the 70 degree weather in AZ! Today in VA it snowed, I wasn't quite ready for that.

Your little man is so cute! I love the Chip n Dales pic. :)

AASKH said...

I was just looking at all the spring and summer clothes I have for the boys yesterday and thinking the same thing. You are so ambitious to pack so early! I love Keslie's nicknames. Spencer calls Kevin Koggie like doggie with a K. Its really cute!

The Allen's said...

i don't think he saw his shadow here. yesterday we got in the van at 4:30 and it said it was 86 degrees outside. nice. anywho, love you. anika has good camera skills : )

Amber said...

She actually did a good job taking pictures! I love all the nicknames.