Saturday, July 10, 2010

Late Night at Mickey D's.

I'm sorry girls - these are too classic not to post. =) I was laughing so hard my switch almost flipped - I don't know if Heather and Ashley are ready for that yet so I was able to keep control. =) I don't know if anyone is ever really ready for that. =) I'm so glad Ashley had a birthday and that she let us hang out with her - even though it was two weeks later!

Here's the birthday girl (she's a trooper for letting me post this!). She made this face because she was so LIVID that we didn't end up dancing after the movie. Haha - actually, I think they were both relieved when I forgot!
I wonder if any local modeling agencies are hiring because we are HOT STUFF!! Which one is your favorite? I LOVE Heather and Ashley in the 3rd on down.

I'm really grateful to have such good friends. =)


Tim and Jennifer said...

Yep, you girls are too hot for me to even consider being by you. I bet there are flames when you walk.

The Francis Family said...

I'm so happy you posted these pics! You make me laugh!!

Renae said...

Mercy GIRL!!!! you definitely have your Mothers tongue!!!! Kinda scary pictures, i am happy that you have friends who you can have a good time with. Thanks for the Post. Wow!!! 2 in a day Love Gran