Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gardening Adventures!

I planted a square foot garden back in March and was SO excited about it! I had been wanting to try it for a couple years. Everything sprouted and I thought things were going good. But then it just stopped growing. I went to Brooke's house and saw her garden that she had planted a couple weeks after mine. It was AMAZING. HUGE plants and beautiful vegetables! That's when I knew mine had failed. I pretty much quit watering it and didn't plant anything new. My tomato plant is a pleaser though and provided me with one delicious tomato. =) One day we looked out the window and there it was. =) I cut it up and ate it on my taco. Yum! =) I don't think I will try to do another one until we are in our own house and have a little more money!

Here is my garden pre-death:

My random tomato:


Renae said...

Maybe you should just plant tomatoes,because nothing is as good as a fresh tomatoe. Keep trying !!!

Amber said...

I hear ya! My garden is pretty pathetic this year too. Yeah for a tomatoe!!!