Monday, June 18, 2007

I can hardly stand it.

So, lately I've been feeling like the girls are growing way too fast! It's been fun to look at old pictures and remember things. I found this little video of Anika and the lighting is bad but I can't believe Keslie is at the age Anika was in the video. It's so WEIRD. I hope I never forget their sweet little voices and facial expressions. It makes me feel overwhelmed - like I need to be video taping every second of the day.

Anika is working on writing her name. She knows her letters and I've seen her write all the letters in her name, but for some reason she isn't feeling confident and flat out refuses to try the letter k anymore. She has the A down pat! I find the letter A written all over everything!
We checked out a book from the library called HOW MUCH IS THAT DOGGY IN THE WINDOW. I loved that song when I was a kid and now she loves it too. On Friday I took the girls to the puppy place so that they could look at the dogs. They were SO excited! Anika said "I LOVE that cute doggie with the waggoly tail!!" She's just so cute!
Yesterday, she sounded like a personal ad, she said "I love singing, having birthday parties, and mommies and daddies and sisters! Keslie is my best friend because she is my sister!"
She hasn't been able to stop talking about her Blue's Clues party that she had in December. She was asking when she could have her next Blue's Clues party and I told her that for her next party maybe we could do something different. I offered some suggestions and NOW she prays about her Blue's Clues party and her Dora party (that she is going to have). GOOD GRIEF!! =)

Keslie is a little doll. Nothing new to report - she is still trying to say everything and she's doing great on her bunk bed! Man alive - these girls are cute!!


riggsfam said...

I feel the same way about Riley! It seems like she has grown up so much in just the last two weeks! She started doing peekaboo with her own hands! She will be one next month and I can't believe it!

jill s said...

i feel the same way too!! and i swear knowing that emerson is our last makes it fly by even faster!!:) just trying to get in all the baby snuggles i can!

love all your pictures!

Kelyn said...

oh those sweet girlies. i wish i could see them every day and that they could all be best friends our babies. sheesh it is annoying to live across the country sometimes i swear.

Cam and Afton West said...

Tell me about it! Carolyne is everywhere and seriously thinks she is hot stuff and all grown up. In fact, she refuses to eat baby food now! She just wants real food.

I was just looking at a picture I took of her the other day and she looks so big! Tell your girls hi for us!