Monday, June 18, 2007

Bushnell Park

We went to this fun park last week for playgroup. It has a carousel and a really fun play area. I thought the kids were going to love the carousel. We rode on one at the mall when Kelyn was here and had a blast! It didn't go very well though. I think this one was a little overwhelming - SOO loud and so many kids. I asked Anika which horse she wanted to ride and she said she wanted to ride in the carriage (the thing that sits there and doesn't move). I'm thinking - 'NO WAY! We are riding the moving horses!' So we get up there and I load them up on the horses, take a couple pictures, and gear myself up for the ride. Anika then freaked out because she wanted to ride on the carriage so I got her down and told her to go get on it and I would stay and stand by Keslie. It went fine until it started moving. Keslie was having the time of her life but Anika turned around and had the most terrified look on her face and started screaming. So I grabbed Keslie and we sat by Anika. Obviously Keslie wasn't too happy about this turn of events and so it was her turn to throw a fit. =) It was a lovely ride!


riggsfam said...

Haha! That sounds eventful!

Brittney said...

oh the joys of having more than one kid and their desires are completely different. I am so not excited for that. haha