Monday, June 25, 2007

The Boston Children's Museum

Last Friday we went with some of our friends to Boston to check out the Children's museum! It is AWESOME! We didn't even get to see everything because it was so huge. We will definitely have to plan another trip very soon!

We had our first train adventure! Actually, it was the subway.=) It's cheaper to park and then ride the train in. We had a little walk from the station to the museum, but it was a beautiful day! I wish I had brought my stroller with me - Keslie starts to feel like a million pounds after awhile! Anyway - here we are on the train!

Some of the girl's favorite things at the museum were:

Laying underneath the turtle tank and looking at the turtles.

Playing in the golf ball room. They had tons of little roller coaster things set up that the kids could put the balls on and then watch them go.

The bubble room!! Need I say more? Kids love bubbles!

The construction room. I kept losing Keslie and I would find her hiding out in the middle of these black tube things they had everywhere! They had so many cool blocks and trucks.

The City room. This one was fun - they had all sorts of different shops. Anika's favorite was the grocery store. You could load up your basket with all sorts of food and then take it to the cash register. There was also a salon that had a little station that would take a picture and then show you what you'd look like with different hairstyles. Anika would not look right with dreadlocks. =) The kids were pretty much pooped by the time we got to the city room so after we finished we headed downstairs and ate at Au Bon Pain for lunch.

As we started walking to the station the skies opened and the rains came down! I thought it was great fun! Here is a picture of us once we reached the subway. I love it when you can tell I'm talking in pictures. =)

There was TONS of traffic driving home so it took us a lot longer - I was glad to have Suzanne's company! I'm sure Jenn will post some pictures of the Boston trip pretty soon if you want to see some of the other kids that were there!


Mom said...

What a fabulous museum. Such lucky children to have mommies that prioritize their children and that find joy in motherhood. You are an angel mom Britt and I'm so happy for my little granddaughters to see you giving them such a wonderful childhood!!!

Cam and Afton West said...

Way to go on Keslies hair. It looks so dang cute! I love the curls and the barret. I wish we had some fun museums to go to. You guys are always doing fun things! Wish we were there!

riggsfam said...

That looks like quite the adventure! I think I'd be nervous to go on the subway. The museum looks so fun and the girls looked very entertained! Keslie's curls are looking very cute in all of the pictures! I love the picture of them laying down watching the turtles :)

Brittney said...

oh my can you be any cuter?!!!! I am very jealous of you. You do so many fun things. You look awesome and I am loving your hair that length. Beautiful, Beautiful!!!! cant wait to see you guys next week. Yay!

Katie Barnette said...

You were totally in my town I love it that I'm not alone out here!! Its definitely different than the west coast huh! Its probably a good thing that you took the train in, have you driven in Boston yet? Its NUTS!! It looks like you guys had SO much fun! You are such a cute little mommy!!