Friday, June 08, 2007


Well - I ran my first 5K last Saturday! Nathan likes to tease me because when he came home a couple months ago I told him I'd signed up for a MARATHON. He got this panicked look in his eyes and asked me if I was serious. I said "Good grief! I can handle 3 miles!!". And that's when he started laughing. Apparently a marathon is 22 miles or some insane distance that I would NEVER attempt. SO - even though it wasn't a marathon I was still pretty proud of myself considering I really hate running. It was a really great experience. It was an amazing feeling to be running with so many people for such a good cause. I found myself getting emotional throughout the race. A lot of people wore signs on their backs that said "In memory of... " or the really great ones were the "In celebration of...". I ran behind a lady for awhile that had two signs - one said "In memory of Mom" the other said "In celebration of ME". I ran in celebration of Grammy. I think that cancer research (not just breast cancer) is so important and I'm glad that I was able to be involved in something so worthwhile. Thanks so much to those of you who donated to my race. I really appreciate your support.

Nathan couldn't come watch me run so we didn't get any pictures - he insisted on taking a couple when I got home. He took a shot of me "in action". Haha! I look ever so lovely. I'm still totally red faced and sweaty. Sheesh - it seems like every picture I've posted of myself lately is SCARY! Maybe I will have to follow in Beth's footsteps and do a photo shoot of me on a cute day. =)

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Summers Camp said...

I think you look radiant my dear!