Friday, June 08, 2007

Just a few more updates!

Holy cow! I'm posting like crazy today! I had to share a couple cute things the girl's have been saying.


The other day when it was raining she said two cute things:

"Is Jesus drinking his water so that he can grow BIG BIG BIG like me?

This one made more sense:
"Is Jesus spilling his water?"

I got really sick with allergies the day Kelyn left and they continued on through yesterday. The girls were so sweet and just putzed around the house so I could moan and groan on the couch. At one point Anika came and climbed up on me and said "I'm sorry your sick mom. Don't worry, your medicine will kick in soon." =)

Her quest for knowledge continues and she is constantly asking questions about everything and then asks WHY when we answer. She still sings non-stop. Her prayers are ADORABLE. She always ends them with "Please bless my Blue's Clue's party and the temple." Seriously, I don't think she could be any sweeter.

Keslie is talking SO MUCH! She copies everything we say! She's totally into Elmo right now. I think it's because Elmo is on her diapers. She is always wrapping up her stuffed animals or babies and rocking them and making beds for them just like Anika does.

Nathan is totally done with the medical school part of dental school! This summer he is going to be taking a lot of dental classes and studying for the boards. He takes his boards on July 17th! I'm so proud of him.

I'm so excited for summer and the fun activities that are coming with it! I'm trying to be more organized with my days so that the girls get to experience more and have some fun! Here is my schedule:

Mondays: ARTS and CRAFTS - On Monday mornings we are going to do some sort of craft or just something as simple as coloring with chalk out on the sidewalk or finger painting.
Tuesdays: My friend, Rachel, teaches a singing class and I got out of the habit of going because it was too hard to take 3 (this was when I was still watching Marri). But now we are going to start up again! The girls love it - especially Kes.
Wednesdays: Something outdoorsy or some sort of excursion.
Thursdays: Playgroup - whatever activity we are doing that day!
Fridays: Library - play and check out books for the week.

Obviously it's flexible but it just gives me something to plan for so that we don't end up wasting the morning away. I like feeling productive.

For some reason bubbleshare didn't upload all my pictures from our day at the beach so here are the forgotten ones:

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lnkmom said...

Love your summer schedule, remember to give us a call when you have a super-wonderful craft idea!!!

riggsfam said...

Love the cute sayings from your daughter! Sounds like you have fun summer plans!