Friday, March 30, 2007

Well - our little family has been M.I.A. for the past couple of weeks! At least where blogging is concerned! I can't even give a good excuse! Just haven't been in the mood. I've got lots of boring little things to talk about - the kinds of things that will no doubt bore you to death - but as this is my journal of sorts I wanna get it down so that I don't forget! =) Where to start, where to start...


Well - you know that mini trip we were going to take? That pretty much didn't happen. It's okay though. We really enjoyed just relaxing and being together. It didn't happen because of poor planning, lack of funds and my rickety back. I did something to my back again. I was looking pretty crotchety. You'd have thought I was 90! Anyway - the good thing was that I got to go to the chiropractor. I do enjoy a good back adjustment! This time was a little weird. The Dr. had a drop table so every time she would do an adjustment all I would hear was the sound of the table "dropping" instead of the fabulous CRACKING!! Am I weird or would you agree that there is something supremely satisfying about hearing that cracking noise? Anyway - she wanted me to come back again this week - but I'm feeling so much better and it's $50 a visit! Apparently I just need to drink more water. *sigh* That's the answer to everything isn't it? It seems like it should be so easy - but I just forget. Here I am - such the hypochondriac - and I can't even get myself to drink a few quarts of water a day so that I will avoid these ailments. Nathan swears it will prevent cancer and all sorts of other things. SO - on to other things. We did have SOME fun over the break. We went to a little birthday party for one of Anika's little friends. Then Tuesday and Wednesday were shot because of my back and on Thursday we went out to eat at Red Robin with Sumer, Richard and kids. I TOTALLY packed a dinner for the girls! Poor Anika was pining after their corndogs! We felt a little cheap but it made the bill much easier to look at. Afterwards, we played a good game of Scattergories. I do love that game. Well - most of the time. There was this one night we played with our friends out here and I totally cried! But that story is for another time. Weird that I cried though - I'm not really one to just burst into tears over a game. =) Then Nathan and I played a mean game of Settlers online. By the way, Afton and Cam - we totally need to have an online double date and play against eachother!! What do you think?? =) Saturday was glorious mainly because Nathan and I each got our OWN pint of Ben and Jerry's and then we settled in and watched STRANGER THAN FICTION. OH, AND we went to a St. Patricks day parade with JJ and Lewis. That was loads of fun. Anika had a grand time catching the candy and beads that the people in the parade were throwing. Afterwards she fell and conked her face pretty good on the pavement. She had a swollen lip for a couple days. So - that was our spring break. Pretty lame, but we enjoyed it.

I was pretty much a MONSTER on Monday and Tuesday. Monday night was bad. Keslie woke up at around 12:30 and I was up with her for a couple hours and I'm just not good at that anymore. Around 1:30 after I had done everything I possibly could for her - fed her, drugged her, snuggled her and all she wanted to do was play - I thought ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and put her in her crib and let her cry. She cried for a good hour on and off. I just laid there in my bed, plugging my ears and thinking over and over 'please let her stop crying, please let her stop crying'. After she finally quit I prayed that I would be a really nice mom the next day - that I'd be patient and that I wouldn't lose my temper. I think the devil heard my prayer because the girls were HORRID and I was HORRID the next day. Wednesday was much better and now are all happy and back to normal! My friend called and invited us to go to KidCity and out to lunch on Wednesday and I think that's just what the doctor ordered. It was great to get out and KidCity is so much fun for the kids. We had a great time!

I always tell the cute things that the girls are doing. I have a couple not so cute things to share. =) Well - I guess even the naughty things they do are cute to some degree (especially once it's over!).

SO - Anika has been having some obedience issues. I'm sure this is normal for her age - but I've had to raise my voice a bit more lately and then we have little chats about who is the boss. Um - that would be ME or DADDY. =) Anyway, I was doing her hair the other day and she was pretty unhappy about that and she said to me "I want a different mommy. One that isn't the boss." I told her that all mommy's are the boss and she said that "Connor and Jenn aren't the boss". (Jenn - I thought you'd get a kick out of that!) Luckily, I'm pretty secure in her love for me or else I'd be nervous that she really did want a different mommy!

A few cute things now:

* The other day she was running in the livingroom and totally fell. She stood up and was dying laughing and said "Did I biff? I TOTALLY hurt myself!!" Um - do ya think I say totally a little too much?

* She's gotten to where when she's giving me hugs or when she sees me looking at her she'll say "I love you too, mom." before I even say anything. I'm glad we say I LOVE YOU a lot in our home. I think it's so important to hear that. I remember talking to someone a while back who thought that if you say it too much it loses it's meaning. I TOTALLY disagree!

* She's always saying "Were best friends, huh mom?" and "daddy's best friends with Keslie" or "Daddy loves Keslie and Mommy loves Anika". Sometimes she switches it up and she'll be best friends with Daddy or Keslie. Pretty funny.

* She played house for the first time last night with her friend's Richard Scott and David. We could hear them playing and it was so funny! Richard Scott and Anika got married and I imagine that David was their son. It was pretty cute.

I don't know what I would do without her. She really is my little best friend. I can't believe she's getting so big.

Keslie is a ball of fun! She is ALWAYS on the kitchen table. If I turn my head for a second that's where she goes! She is suddenly very into dressing up and playing with dollies and dishes in her kitchen. She is getting quite the vocabulary. She says all sorts of little phrases like "get down" or "more juice" or "help me". She has a HUGE mouth. I didn't realize how big it is until I watched that video of her saying some words. The other night we gave her some grapes with dinner and she stuffed every single one of them in her mouth. Now we have to give them to her one and a time.

Her not so cute thing - She throws things at the kitchen table. Her food, her silverware, her cup. Everything. RARRRR!! And she has a good little arm too! She has also learned the words - NO and MINE. That's just great. And just in time for nursery! By the way - last week was her first week and she did great! We are so proud of her! YAY!

Tonight I went to a Relief Society thing. I had a good time visiting with friends and holding a couple sweet babies. Oh - I just love babies! SPEAKING OF BABIES!!

CONGRATULATIONS to my MANDI!! She just had her first little girl yesterday! 8 lbs 3 or was it 4? ounces. Katherine Ann (Katie). I am so UNBELIEVABLY sad I can't hold her! Anyway - I can't wait to meet her! I sure love her mama!

I'm trying to tackle this digital scrapbooking stuff - but MAN ALIVE! Photoshop 7 is a little difficult to grasp and I learn my doing. Anybody out there have any advice?

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment - whoever you may be! Hasta!

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Cam and Afton West said...

Brittanie Im glad to see your back into the world of bloggers. Ive missed my doses of the West clan! We TOTALLY ( thats for Anika!) have to play Settlers! How fun would that be!

Mom said...

Oh you wonderful mommy! I'm so glad that your back is better now. I can't believe that water is such a preventitive! I'm like you and I forget to drink too. I love all of you and thank you so much for bringing my little granddaughters into our Idaho home with your wonderful blog! We are so proud of you and Nathan and the family you are being!!!

Summers Camp said...

Talk about a major hiatus Britt! :P
But it's good to have you back! I just love reading all your good, and not-so-good, stories!

Glad to hear the back is doing a bit better, too! And I'm also a huge advocate of water, so drink up (and perhaps I should take my own advice and drink more...)!

Jenny said...

Your kids are so dang cute!!! i love to read your blogs and check it when i have the chance. keep up the work, your blogs are the ones i try to copy as i still don't know much about blogging. but i am getting better. :) glad to hear your back is better! :)