Sunday, March 04, 2007


Good grief! I think I've posted more this week than ever before! I hope that everyone enjoyed their Sundays. We had a nice one. This was the first Sunday that we've all taken a nap in a long time! It was glorious! Church went well - for the most part. We were kind of short staffed in Primary so I ended up doing music time! Conducting is not my forte, that's for sure! I know the kids were thinking I was totally loco. Thankfully, one of the teachers in the back was helping me out with the hand motions. =) Then this evening we went over to some friends home for dessert. Lots of fun and good company. I always think back to some of the things I say after evenings like this and just shake my head in embarrasment. Why can't I keep my mouth shut sometimes? Oh well - no use dwelling on things I can't change. I am who I am and if that means that I will ALWAYS say something to make myself look like a DITZ, and inevitably spill something, and more than likely eat WAY more than anyone else - then so be it. =)

Anyway - here are the pictures:

Keslie brought these to me and then kept them on for the better part of the morning. She was so pleased.

Little pills!! Istead of busting them for climbing up on the table and eating out of the cereal boxes, Nathan took a picture. =)

Nathan took Anika on a little date last night. Actually, it was just to run some errands, but we called it a date and she was in HEAVEN!! He took her Toys R Us and just let her play. Dads are so cool. I never do that - I confine them to the cart whenever we go to that store. He also bought her purple peeps and gummi bears and I've never seen anyone be so excited about something. She talked and talked about their date and has been asking all day to go on a another date with Daddy.

Well - off to bed! I am CLEANING tomorrow. Woohoo!! G'nite!


Cam and Afton West said...

That is so cute of Nathan. That will always be something she'll remember. Daddy daughter dates were always a treat in my household. They just dont get to see their daddys nearly enough!

The Coopers said...

Those little girls are growing up SO fast. My goodness they are adorable! I love reading about your adventures Brittanie. You're such a great mommy! We're going to be in Hartford this weekend so hopefully we'll get to see you guys!

Jenn said...

Brittanie you are so awesome. You are not ditsy. I was thinking that you were probably embarrassed at the Vargas' house, but you shouldn't be. We're your friends no matter what--and besides I stick my foot in my mouth at LEAST once a day (Jaska says twice--it's probably true). Anyway--you're great and I love ya.